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2013 Emory ABSN/MSN Students

  1. 0 Hello all! I hope we can use this thread for any discussions/questions regarding the application/acceptance process for Emory. I was accepted for the nurse-midwifery specialty!
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    I just received my acceptance letter in the mail today. Tickets to Atlanta are around $350-$400 from Northern California x_x and hotels are quite expensive too. Is anyone for sure attending the admitted student's day on February 8th?
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    Congratulations on your acceptance!
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    I can't take off work to make it unfortunately. I am definitely bummed--I would love to meet more people there and explore the neighborhoods. I may go back and visit on my own some weekend and leave on a Monday I can take off. That way I could get some of the info and materials provided even if I can't meet other prospective students.I wish they scheduled this on a Saturday or Sunday, though! I am surprised they didnt.
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    I'm also planning to visit the campus some other time in February. Congrats on the acceptance lifeismuzik!