Thank you PICU nurses!

  1. Just wanted to say that I had a great experience in the PICU getting help (where coming from the NICU seems like outer space!) even though every time I float downstairs I remember why I will never be anything but a NICU nurse.

    I had a one year old due to go on the floor who cried non-stop for 30 minutes while I was knee-deep with my more acute patient and one of the nurses just sat and held her (techs unavailable, no volunteers) and then patiently answered my questions about how they "do" things in other patient was trach vent/g-tube dependent with an impressive array of ostomies and g-tubes (yes, plural!) with secretions pouring out of her nose so I was wiping it every five sedation and trying to climb out of bed!

    Just wanted to say thank goodness there are nurses out there like you who can handle those sorts of patients on a daily basis and even, gasp, like it! I could not do your job. I would probably come to resent nursing so much as to get another career if PICU was the only thing I could do...

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