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  1. Hey all! I just had my prelim phone interviews with Texas Children's Hospital for CVICU, EC, & PICU. I have two years PICU experience in NV. I think they went well, fingers crossed! I was told if I am "liked" they will sch a formal interview in Houston.

    Wanted to hear from any of you that work at TCH--(espically PICU, CVICU, EC), have any interview advice & especially those who relocated from another state. Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   wheeliesurfer
    You may not get any responses because of the direct nature of this question. Even though TCH is a large hospital, people here like to keep their anonymity, and even in large hospitals, identifying factors may be possible to trace back to find out who a person is inside smaller tight knit units.
    Sorry I don't work at TCH to aid in your original question. Maybe people who work in those units in general (not just at TCH) can comment about their experiences relocating, or giving interview tips for the specialties you mentioned.
    Good luck!