Grow Brave Through Reflection: Moral Distress in PICU (Part II) - page 2

We all know nurses who exhibit signs of burnout. Everyone will have different reasons for their behaviour, and moral distress is often on the list. What does burnout look like? It has many faces, and... Read More

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    May I ask how an ethics committee is able to override the wishes of the family? I've seen it happen with elderly patients who refuse a PEG and are forced. I don't understand how these wishes can be overridden if the patient/patient's guardian is giving direct instructions. Scary!! Do these ethics committees vary from state to state or do they follow federal guidelines? Anyone know? Thanks!
    Yes, laws regarding the ability to override a patient's wishes do vary from state to state. For example, until this past year, Missouri allowed a family member or significant other to override advanced directives and organ donation wishes. That is no longer possible