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Hello fellow PICU nurses! I'm looking to see what is your current practice with sending EVD cultures. Do you follow a protocol to send them daily, twice a week, only when needed, etc.? Also, who sends them? The nurse or doctor?... Read More

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    janfrn, rnguy25, and scooby484k,
    Would you mind letting me know (you can do so offline if you wish) what city and state you practice in, which unit, and what type of institution i.e., tertiary, children's medical center, small community hosp, etc. I am collecting data and comparing practices across different institutions. This would really help me out. If you can still provide me with your policies or protocols, that would be excellent! If I can be clear on this: rnguy25 - if infection is not present, you guys culture only when indicated? scooby484k - do you have a protocol for sending CSF samples either daily or on certain days when infection is not present or suspected? Thanks again!

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    I work in a 16 bed PICU and we are affiliated with a medical school. EVD cultures are only sent per MD request and the MD is the only one who can collect it. RN's can only change the EVD collection bag.
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    Thank you RunningRNBSN; Would you mind telling me what city and state your PICU is in? I am collecting data in order to try to change practice in this institution that sends daily surveillance cultures for their pediatric patients. Also, Jnfrn, I received your last email, but I have no way of responding to it. You can send to nahbee@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!

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