Bedside manual?

  1. So I'll be starting my new picu job in 2 weeks and was looking into a great bedside manual. I read other threads and is looking into Mary Fran Hazinski but noticed that its quite a large book. Wanted something to carry to work.. Know it sounds silly but do you guys carry that book as a reference to work or is it something else that I can look into buying?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    I don't carry a book as a reference. What exactly do you think you'll need to be looking up at the bedside? In my opinion, it would not give your patients (or their families) much confidence if they saw you looking up their child's diagnosis while you were in the room.

    Your unit should have pediatric drug references, which you should absolutely refer to for every medication with which you are unfamiliar (outside the room). They also may have critical care references on hand if you have a question about something. You'll likely also be able to access the internet to look up specific things. Again, outside the patient's room, before you care for them.

    Pediatric critical care is one of the most diverse fields of nursing. You'll see patients ranging from newborns to young adults, from 2 pounds to 250(+) pounds. You'll see respiratory, renal, cardiac, neurological, and surgical diagnoses. There simply isn't a "pocket" guide that can contain all of that information.

    You might be able to find a "fast facts" guide that includes normal vital signs, common medications, pedi weight calculations, and drug calculations, PALS info... But this will by no means be an all-inclusive guide.
  4. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    Lol well that's what I meant .. Outside the room... Haha. Just so nervous! Thanks
  5. by   ekr15
    I'm a fairly new nurse working in the PICU. I usually get to the unit a little early before my shift to look up my patient's meds and diagnosis if I'm not familiar with it. Not everyone does that, but I'm a little OCD and I like to look up my info before getting report. Not a bad idea if you're new to the PICU Most hospitals have a drug formulary on the computer for looking up meds. As far as illnesses, etc... just use the internet! Oh, and I have this clipboard thing as well that has normal vitals for different age groups, normal lab ranges, info on interpreting blood gases, cranial nerves, etc. I don't really look at it anymore but it's nice to have as a reference! That might be helpful for you.
  6. by   tryingtohaveitall
    Your unit may have reference books for you to use. Do you have a unit educator? My unit has a number of PICU specific nursing manuals that are very helpful. I applaud your drive to learn and succeed. You'll do great!