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  1. Hello! I am trying to get in touch with other students who are taking classes (or will take classes) at the Indiana location of WCCC in Pennsylvania. I will be starting classes there soon and am looking for some advice about which order to schedule my classes and also the NLN. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   WCCC
    hey this is jared from wccc.

    if you have already declared yourself a nursing major, you will be assigned a nursing faculty member as an advisor. this advisor will guide you through the classes you need to take and how to complete it successfully.

    if you don't know your advisor's name, you can find it on the mywccc site under program evaluation.
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    Hi! Thank you. I have just scheduled my fall classes, but I didn't hear anything about an advisor? I do not have a myWCCC site username and PW....perhaps this will come later?
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    I am currently taking my pre/core reqs for the WCCC Indiana Nursing Program. I am hoping to get accepted to the nursing program that starts in the fall of 2013/2014. I am going to be applying for the program in December. I started in the spring and will continue to take classes in the summer and again in the fall till I take the test. I just received an Advisor at WCCC Indiana. Maybe we will have some fall classes together. What are you taking for the fall. I am taking Chemistry, Biology and Advanced Composition. I hope to meet more people on here taking pre reqs for Nursing. I am an older student this will be a second career for me. Oh yah, I bought a book through the bookstore that is a guide to study for the NLN. It is what the college recommended.