Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC)

  1. Hello! Anyone out there from this school? I am waiting on my scores from the NLN pre-entrance exam last week, and then waiting to see if I got into the RN program. I was just curious if anyone else on this site attends school here!
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  3. by   Addfive
    My sister attends that school and is waiting on her NLN scores too. Have you gotten yours back yet? She said there was some sort of delay from the testing facility.
  4. by   nurse2b013
    I just got my score today. Exactly one month from when I took the exam!!!
  5. by   Addfive
    My sister got her score too - she got an 88. How did you do? She had heard that you need to get at least a 90 to be competitive so now she is worried. Have you heard the same?
  6. by   nurse2b013
    I got a 139.

    I have heard that you need at least a 100 to be competitive. I hope your sister still gets in!
  7. by   jennyjo
    Hi girls! I got my scores today too. I took my test on Feb 16th. This is my first semester at WCCC. I had a feeling you were close to me nurse2b...I posted a response to you in the pre-nursing area. I am very happy with my score. So glad the wait is over...now just waiting on the acceptance letters. I am sure they will be delayed now too.
  8. by   Addfive
    Her point score was 126 so her percentage is 88%. She heard that 90% was considered competitive. I wonder what percentage 100 points would be....
    Congrats to you both on your scores! : )
  9. by   nurse2b013
    Sorry Addfive....I misunderstood! I was talking about needing at least a composite score of 100 to be competitive. My bad! I'm not sure about what percentile is needed...

    Jennyjo, I'm sorry, I didn't see your response to me in the pre-nursing thread. I'm sure that the acceptance letters will be delayed also, which is a bummer. I hope they come by the end of the month at least! Glad to hear you are happy with your score also. :spin: Which campus is your first choice?
  10. by   jennyjo
    I am hoping to go to the Indiana campus. It's less than 15 minutes from my house. I got a 152 which is the 99th percentile. Hope that'll do it, lol. I was shocked I did that well. Not expected.

    @Addfive, I have a friend who was in the 88th percentile that got in and graduated from the program...it just depends on how many apply, but a 126 is a good score. I would say she is good...just my thoughts. Also depends on which campus and how many she is competing with.
  11. by   nurse2b013
    Jennyjo, Indiana campus for me too!!!

    I am in the 95th percentile, so hopefully I'll get in. I don't think you have to worry about it being in the 99th percentile!

    I wish I knew how many others applied to the Indiana campus. I believe there are 30 spots available. I'm hoping I have a good chance with my score...I know at least several people I scored higher than, so we'll see...

    What classes are you taking this semester?
  12. by   jennyjo
    Yes, I wish I knew how many applied too. You did well, I think you will be fine.

    I am taking psych, algebra, college writing. I think I am going to take Advanced Comp online over the summer. How about you? How long have you been taking classes? I feel like everyone has been around longer than me. This is my first semester. I have only met a couple of other people that are in the nursing program or that are trying to get in. I do know a few that dropped out. In fact, I heard that this years class is down to only 6 students. That make me nervous about whether I will be able to handle the pressure.
  13. by   nurse2b013
    This is my 2nd semester. I'm taking A&P 1 and Human Growth and Development (psych). I know about 6 other girls who are trying to get into the program the same time as us, we all have class together.

    I have a friend in the current class (the one that started Fall 2010) and they just had about 10 people fail out over one exam a couple of weeks ago! I'm not sure how many are left in that class now...I do know that everyone who tested for that class in Indiana got in (regardless of their NLN scores) because they had less than the maximum amount of applicants. That's why I wish I knew for sure how many applied for our class!

    I'm worried about being able to hang in there too...but before I stress about that, I have to stop stressing about getting my acceptance/denial letter!!! I actually had a dream about it last night, lol!

    I'm on campus on Monday and Wednesday evenings. How about you?
  14. by   jennyjo
    I am there Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday morning. I met Cary a couple of months ago and she is the only one I had met that is applying for this year other than you. I know a girl who is in her second year. I also met a girl who goes to the main campus and is in her first year. She works at the Scrub Shack in the Westmoreland Mall and offered to help me pick out my nursing stuff if I get in. She told me that it is more intimidation than anything else. Her advice was to be active and be interested in learning and we will do fine. That made me feel better.

    I understand about the stress. It is killing me too. Stinks to think that we could all get in and we are worrying for nothing.