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Hello! Anyone out there from this school? I am waiting on my scores from the NLN pre-entrance exam last week, and then waiting to see if I got into the RN program. I was just curious if anyone else... Read More

  1. by   nurse2b013
    Yep I know Cary, she is one of the girls I have class with. Small world!!!

    I guess we will find out soon enough when the letters come! I wish they would hurry up!

    Are you on FB? Send me a private message if you are and I can find you on there. We need all the moral support we can get going into this program!!!
  2. by   jennyjo
    I have to have 15 posts before I can PM you...PM me....I am on Facebook and I agree, we are going to need each other. It is a small world.
  3. by   jennyjo
    Oh I also wanted to add...I have been concerned about admission, because even though I did well on the NLN, they also look at GPA and prior coursework. I have been out of high school for 15 years (had a 3.5 way back then, I think) and I haven't officially finished anything at WCCC...but I have A's in everything right now. I am afraid that the NLN won't be enough and they will want me to complete more courses or something. I really want to get started. I am not getting any younger, you know?
  4. by   nurse2b013
    I sent you a PM!

    I hear ya about not getting any younger...sounds like we are about the same age. I went to IUP before and had many of my classes transfer over, so I don't have much under my belt for a WCCC GPA either. I am nervous about that too... But I think especially with your score you should be fine...with a score like that you won't need the GPA I would guess!
  5. by   jennyjo
    Aww, you are so lucky about the IUP classes. I had finished over two years and none of them can transfer because it has been over 10 years since I took them. I am retaking the same classes that I had finished at IUP. It stinks. What stinks more is that if I had graduated, they would count forever. What sense does that make?

    Well I hope you are right about my score...I need it to do all the talking for me! I found you on Facebook, I think, so I look forward to seeing you there also!
  6. by   sugarbe
    Hello! I think I'm a bit off the topic, but I was searching this forum for other people who were attending WCCC in Indiana for nursing and came across this thread. I am registered to begin the pre-NLN classes for my first year (2012-2013) and I was wondering about the order of those first year classes to be taken. I noticed you are taking A&P1 in your 2nd semester and not your first. I have heard almost everyone tell me to steer clear of A&P until at least the second semester of college because it is such a difficult class and if you do poorly it will affect your consideration when applying for the nursing portion your 2nd year. Could you please give me your thoughts on that? I was also hoping to get someone's opinion on the order the classes should be taken. If you ( or anyone else) had any advice there, I would greatly appreciate it!