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Hi everyone, So I don't know if anyone else attended the informational session yesterday 09/22/11 on the Advanced 2 BSN program, but I am by far the most confused applicant ever!!!! To those already in the program, they... Read More

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    Yep. I didn't get an email about an application, so I guess my scores weren't high enough. It's a shame they didn't notify the students longer than a week to prepare for the actual exam. But it also doesn't even make sense. If you look at the NCLEX pass rates, most community colleges range from 85% pass rates, while all the BSN programs that don't require the TEAS alll have higher than 90% pass rates. Makes no sense to me.

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    Bumping up. Did anyone receive an application and get accepted?
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    I had an interview on Nov 16th and I am anxiously awaiting word on acceptance....
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    Hi Galway2003 - Congratulations on getting an interview! I will keep my fingers crossed for you I was just notified that they would like me to come in for an interview as well. Would you mind sharing with me any details regarding your interview in terms of the format, length and what type of questions they asked? Did they give any hints regarding how many people they have already accepted or when you could expect to hear back? Thank you!!!
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    Galway2003 and brez1208, congratulations on the interview. I hope you get positive responses! When did you send in your application?

    I'm still waiting to hear back from them...no interview offer yet. My applicaton was sent mid ocober. I really hope to hear something soon as the wait is nerve racking. Those with interview offers....how was your TEAS scores? I made the mistake of taking the test a day after receiving the email from the nursing department about taking the teas at wcu. I scored 78%. Althought it was good eneough to get an application, I know I could do a lot better if I had planned for it. if they are offering interviews and acceptances based on teas scores.....then I'm out of luck. otherwise my science GPA is quite strong.

    all the best to everyone. please post your updates/interviews/acceptances so we celebrate with you.
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    I applied in mid october and interviewed on the 17th. Interview was in a group setting. The usual questions.....very relax.ed for the most part
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    Group interviews? that is interesting...but given the number of possible applicats, I guess that is the only way around it. I hope people were not tripping over trying to 'outshine' their competitors
    Did they by any chance mention when you should expect a decision by and if the class was just begining to fill or almost full?
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    brez1208 were you able to get interview information you were looking for? when is your interview? If you'd had the interview could you provide details?
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    I had my interview last week. They were very friendly and the questions were in line with what you would expect in any nursing school interview (why do you want to be a nurse, etc). The interview was in a group setting - initially I didn't know what to expect but all of the interviewees were very considerate and respectful of one another. They said the cohort is not full yet and that we should hear back by Dec 15th. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else!!!
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    Thanks for all the info.If the cohort is not full then I still have a chance.
    Just got an invite to schedule an interview. can't wait to get that out of the way and hopefully a response soon. I really hope to get a decision before the holidays

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