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Hi everyone, So I don't know if anyone else attended the informational session yesterday 09/22/11 on the Advanced 2 BSN program, but I am by far the most confused applicant ever!!!! To those... Read More

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    congrats on your interview opportunity!

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    Congratulations on getting an interview! I heard back earlier this week (by email) and I was accepted!!! I received my formal acceptance letter in the mail yesterday! It seems as though they are letting people know soon after the interviews. I think this is especially true now because they want us to have time to register for NSG310 (Human Response to Disease) if we choose to take it in the spring before the program actually starts. Good luck to everyone else!!! Keep us posted!
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    Thank you all for congratulating me on the interview opportunity. I just went for the interview (one huddle down!). It was really relaxed just as you mentioned. Really hoping an acceptance letter follows shortly. For those still waiting for an interview, do not despair; the class is not full. They plan to suspend interviews as the university officially breaks for the winter session this week. They will resume in January.

    CONGRATULATIONS to brez1208 . I'm really happy for you on your acceptance. I think this is the first acceptance reported on this forum so far.
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    Looks like we are missing a few post on this thread. Did they get lost during allnurses site update?
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    Hello brez1208,what is the acceptance package like?Ihave been waiting for a month now,after i got the acceptance e-mail and nothing yet.I cant wait to start the NSG310.I hope its "fun".
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    Hi chemistr1 - I received my formal acceptance letter two days after I got the email acceptance. The letter has no information about the program, but does note that a deposit of $200 is required to hold your spot. My deposit was due about a week and a half after I received the letter. Based on the email, it sounds like we will receive a contract and more specific information about the program sometime during the spring semester. Also included in the formal acceptance package is a document on tuition and financial aid, but this is just general information that can be found online, not specific to our program. Hope this helps! Look forward to meeting you soon!
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    Thank you brez1208,look forward to meeting you too.I hope you have register for NSG310?I have register,I only use my e-mail since I dont have the letter yet.
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    I GOT IN
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    Congrats you your acceptance. See you in May!!!

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