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Hey everyone! Anyone else out there planning on starting Villanova's BSN Express Program this May? :)... Read More

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    Hi all, for anyone still looking for a patho course (current or future students) the University of Northern Colorado offers Pathophysiology through their extended studies program. It's self-paced independent study so you're able to register at any time and just need to complete the course within one year. I've confirmed that it is transferrable to Villanova. Here is the website for more information: Extended Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. The cost is roughly half of that at VU.

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    Quote from joneal04
    SLC2080 and all, I just made a facebook page!! it is titled: Villanova BSNexpress Nursing May 2013. All you have to do is like the page and we can start posting questions and stuff like that! We can maybe figure out a way to meet up and talk about living arrangements and such. I am also taking the online course and we can maybe even use the page for questions that come up when the course starts! Is anyone going to the orientation on Monday for the course?
    That's great Joneal04. I think I'm gonna show for the orientation on Monday. Hbu? And thanks for the Facebook page coz we need it.
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    Whit88, I'm still waiting to hear back from University of Florida but that probably won't be until March so as of right now, I'm just planning on Nova!

    Joneal04, thanks for making the facebook page!

    Do you guys have any idea what you plan to do for living arrangements yet?
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    Hi, everyone!

    I was accepted into the program but still need two religion courses. Where can you take them locally (PA or DE)?
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    Hi Juliemo - Montgomery County Community College in PA offers Comparative Religions (PHI215) as on online course. I also believe Villanova will accept courses like one on death & dying and even marriage/family if you can find them, though I'd double check with VU just to be safe. Hope that helps!
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    Hey everyone, I am taking the patho online course at nova as well, DL1, and I live in Manayunk so if anyone is in the area and wants to meet up for assignments that would be awesome. I sent in my deposit as well and will be starting the program this May. Also, I have a bedroom available in the house I own and would be happy to rent it out to someone looking for a place to live during the program. If interested please contact me

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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    Sending my check in next week. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and working together to get through the next 14 months!
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    Hey everyone! I sent my deposit to Villanova just recently! Is there a facebook page for the entering class? Can't wait to get to meet and know you all!
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    I am, hello
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    I am interested for the next semester but need to know... does it involve gross anatomy and how involved is the gross anatomy part? I did not get a clear answer from the online course schedule description. Thanks.

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