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Villanova BSN Express 2013 - page 2

Hey everyone! Anyone else out there planning on starting Villanova's BSN Express Program this May? :)... Read More

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    Hi, everyone!

    I was accepted into the program but still need two religion courses. Where can you take them locally (PA or DE)?
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    Hi Juliemo - Montgomery County Community College in PA offers Comparative Religions (PHI215) as on online course. I also believe Villanova will accept courses like one on death & dying and even marriage/family if you can find them, though I'd double check with VU just to be safe. Hope that helps!
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    Hey everyone, I am taking the patho online course at nova as well, DL1, and I live in Manayunk so if anyone is in the area and wants to meet up for assignments that would be awesome. I sent in my deposit as well and will be starting the program this May. Also, I have a bedroom available in the house I own and would be happy to rent it out to someone looking for a place to live during the program. If interested please contact me

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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    Sending my check in next week. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and working together to get through the next 14 months!
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    Hey everyone! I sent my deposit to Villanova just recently! Is there a facebook page for the entering class? Can't wait to get to meet and know you all!
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    I am, hello
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    I am interested for the next semester but need to know... does it involve gross anatomy and how involved is the gross anatomy part? I did not get a clear answer from the online course schedule description. Thanks.