Villanova Alternate Sequence Program Fall 2013

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    Has anyone been accepted into the VU Alternate Sequence Nursing Pragram for Fall 2013?
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    Isnt it due in March...?? Are you applying? or have you already applied?
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    Yea the deadline is in March but I was under the impression is was rolling admissions....

    I did apply, back in Nov! How about you?
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    Oooh, I see.
    Hrmm.. never heard of them doing rolling admissions. =/
    But I'm applying right now. Just waiting for them to receive all my transcripts...
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    Does anyone know when Villanova will tell us if we got into the Alternate Sequence Program for Fall 2013?
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    I'm pretty sure they will tell us by mid-April.
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    I was notified that the decisions should be coming out this week!! Goodluck everyone!
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    Really? I have an e-mail from them saying that applicants will be notified in a letter by end of April.
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    ahh anyone get a letter yet?! I'm so anxious!!
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    I checked my application status and it says that decision has been sent.
    I didn't receive an email..... I'm guessing they're sending directly to our mailing addresses?