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Hi everyone! I am applying for Shadyside school of nursing for the fall 2013 start? Is anyone else applying?... Read More

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    I lied, I didn't bring my brown sweater- I'm wearing a bright pink tank top with a black sweater over top! Lol

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    Okay! Sounds good I'm on my way now
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    It was nice to finally meet you! If you want, you can add me on Facebook and I can give you my number there! (: it's Ashlee Bowen! Hope you had a safe trip home!
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    Did the people that went to Shadyside today find out anything interesting? I was busy throwing a baby shower.. blah.
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    Ash- I can't find you! There's like 50 of you! I'll keep looking tho

    Vebb-yes! I really liked the session they wooooed me I'm 99.9% I wanna go to shadyside
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    Haha okay! There would be 50 of me! Lol

    Vebb- it was awesome, I definitely love Shadyside, they were very informative and any questions you had, they answered!
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    I have to agree with you Ashley. I was there as well. They did an excellent job at selling there school. I was extremely impressed
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    So what are your thoughts on it??
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    I stumbled on to this site... I am in the process of applying to the part-time nursing program for Fall '13. Anyone else applying for the nights and weekends program?
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    Well I just took my psb on march 15 and I'm currently waiting on my results and if I pass I will be applying to the full time program!

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