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Hi everyone! I am applying for Shadyside school of nursing for the fall 2013 start? Is anyone else applying?... Read More

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    My friend works in the IT department, and he told me about the program! Unfortunately he's not an RN though! Lol oh awesome, I will definitely have to come to the session then on March 2nd!!

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    Definitely talk to Natalie, she emailed me the flyer with all the information on it! I'm so excited. I really hope I get accepted
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    Awesome! Thank you very much, I called Natalie so I guess I'll see ya on March 2nd! Oh you will, I'm excited too!! Everyone that I've talked to who have all ready completed the program said they loved it!
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    Awesome!! That's another one of my concerns! I hope I like it there I've heard wonderful things and then I heard not such wonderful things lol
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    Oh you'll be fine! (: are you applying to all three or just to Shadyside? I saw some girls applied to all three and then choose which one to go too!
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    I'm just doing Shadyside and thank you!
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    Me too! Oh no problem(:
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    Let me know in a couple weeks if you pass the PSB!!
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    Oh I definitely will! See you March 2nd?! Depending on the amount of people that are there! Lol
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    Yeah I'll be there!

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