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Hi everyone! I am applying for Shadyside school of nursing for the fall 2013 start? Is anyone else applying?... Read More

  1. by   ashleynicole889
    Akbowen- Yes, I'm applying for the fall semester full time as well! I'm super nervous about this test. My biggest concern is the math..I'm absolutely horrible with math. I bought Barron's off of amazon and I'm trying to study a lil every night!
  2. by   ashleynicole889
    I'm so glad this thread is finally getting some hits!! I was hoping it would lol
  3. by   akbowen53
    Thats awesome Ashley! Don't feel bad, I struggle with Math as well, I just got my book on Saturday so I've been studying since then! I just hope I'm ready by the exam! Lol
  4. by   ashleynicole889
    I hope I'm ready too!!!! It's pretty nerve racking?? If don't mind me asking but do you live around Pittsburgh? I'm like 30 mins North of Pittsburgh!
  5. by   ashleynicole889
    And are you going to the info session March 2nd?
  6. by   akbowen53
    It is so nerve racking!! No I don't mind at all, I live around State College, PA so I'm about 2 hrs out from PITT! I'm moving to PITT in April or May though and my friend works at Shadyside and told me about the Nursing program, I never even knew about it! That's awesome you live so close!! I honestly didn't even know there was an info session on March 2nd! Lol
  7. by   ashleynicole889
    That's awesome!! Does your friend like working at Shadyside? Are they an RN? Yes, I spoke with Natalie about a week ago and she informed me of the info session March 2nd it's at 10 am to noon I believe and I rsvped via email
  8. by   akbowen53
    My friend works in the IT department, and he told me about the program! Unfortunately he's not an RN though! Lol oh awesome, I will definitely have to come to the session then on March 2nd!!
  9. by   ashleynicole889
    Definitely talk to Natalie, she emailed me the flyer with all the information on it! I'm so excited. I really hope I get accepted
  10. by   akbowen53
    Awesome! Thank you very much, I called Natalie so I guess I'll see ya on March 2nd! Oh you will, I'm excited too!! Everyone that I've talked to who have all ready completed the program said they loved it!
  11. by   ashleynicole889
    Awesome!! That's another one of my concerns! I hope I like it there I've heard wonderful things and then I heard not such wonderful things lol
  12. by   akbowen53
    Oh you'll be fine! (: are you applying to all three or just to Shadyside? I saw some girls applied to all three and then choose which one to go too!
  13. by   ashleynicole889
    I'm just doing Shadyside and thank you!