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The Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences 2012

  1. 0 I'm applying to the Reading School of Health Sciences nursing program for the fall of 2012. Anyone else going to be applying?

    I do have a question about the application process though. I applied and was accepted to DCCC's nursing program for the fall of 2011, but moved out of the area from Phoenixville to Shillington. I just had a baby in May, so I withdrew from DCCC's program since the hour commute would be too much and decided to wait to start nursing school at Reading (if I'm accepted) until the fall of 2012. Will I be able to transfer my TEAS scores that I took last September if I am selected to complete the TEAS test for Reading? I took the the TEAS V, so it's still the same version that they require. Thanks!
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    Best to call (610) 741-0100 and speak to the nursing program recruiter. Their guidelines state that "Test scores
    are valid for two years, with the highest score used in the admission decision process." But it doesn't speak to whether a test taken elsewhere will count.

    Best of luck!


    PS: I graduated from this program and had a very good experience, I have worked at the hospital since nursing school and really enjoy it (your results may vary)
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    Thanks! And thank you for the information! I know several people who work at the hospital and really enjoy it there.

    I went in today to hand in my high school transcript and asked someone from admissions about it then. They said it should be fine, as I took it within the past 2 years and it was the same version that the school requires.
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    I just received an acceptance letter to the program last week! I've been busy trying to get all the post-acceptance requirements done. Has anyone else applied and gotten a response?
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    Hi! My name is Kayla and I just took my TEAS test Feb 18th. I did decent on it. Above average on everything. I'm waiting to hear back if I get accepted into the fall 2012 program. I'm really hoping to be accepted. I called the school and was advised the comittee is meeting on March 5th, so I'm trying to be as patient as I can!
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    Hi, Kayla! The wait is definitely hard. I'm glad to hear the committee is meeting soon (although I'm sure it feels like an eternity away! ) Good luck! I hope you hear from them soon and get that acceptance letter!
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    I just received my acceptance letter today. I look forward to seeing you guys there in August
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    Congrats! Glad to "meet" another classmate!
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    Hi i was just wondering, i also applied here and take the TEAS on the 30th of March. I don't mean to be nosy but I have already taken the TEAS at another location but decided I didn't want to be away from home. I was just wondering if you could possibly tell me the scores that you all had they pick because if my scores are around there i'm just going to have my TEAS scores from the other location transferred to Reading and if not i'm just going to take the test again.
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    I was accepted too! My overall score on the TEAS test was a 79%. It was still above average.
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    Hi!! Congratulations to those of you who have already been accepted and good luck to those of you applying!! I take my test to see if I get accepted into the program next Saturday (March 30th!!) I have a strange question! Do any of you know how to get to the room we take the test in? It's in the A&P lab. I live in Rochester NY (moving to PA in July) and won't be in PA beforehand to drive around and scope things out! I don't know what building it's in or where it's located! Any help would be VERY much appreciated!! Thank you so much in advance!!!
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    You enter the main door at the School of Health Sciences, which is located directly across the street from the museum. You can take Penn Avenue to 5th Street, then go down a few blocks (can't remember for sure, sorry!). The School of Health Sciences will be on your left hand side and the museum on your right. That street is museum road. Turn left and go up the block, then make a right and you can park anywhere along that road. Main entrance is facing the museum. Just go in the front door, walk over to the desk, and check in. They will take you up to the lab when testing is ready to start. Best of luck!!!!!
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    Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate the time you took to help me out!! I have no sense of direction and will definitely plan to leave early to get there on time! Thanks again!!