Roxborough Memorial Hospital SON vs. Abington Dixon SOn

  1. Hello....I have been accepted to both programs and I am really having a hard time to decide which to go to....Does anyone have any information on how Roxborough's program really is? Any current students or former graduates that could shed some light on this? Are they are good program, how is the faculity, their skills lab, etc.....Also the same for Abington....thanks!!
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  3. by   KNB3715
    I can't vouch as to which school is better per say, but if you look at NCLEX pass rates, Roxborough has 100%, whereas Dixon has 92%. But, you also have to take into consideration that only 53 students took the nclex for Roxborough, and 106 for Dixon. Makes you wonder why Roxborough is only producing 50 or so students per year..?
  4. by   VeggieLadie
    I know nothing about Roxborough because the two times I called and asked questions they had no time for me and referred me to thier lackluster webite that wasn't working properly. No open house, no admissions people to meet with...that sounds like a program I don't want to be associated with!
  5. by   Jayden8139
    Nurse Betty, have you made a decision yet? I was put onto the waitlist for Abington and they were my first choice. I haven't heard anything back yet so I'm about 95% sure that I will attend Roxborough as I was accepted. Abington is a great school from what I hear. I know they have a lot of support and do their best to prepare you. Roxborough is good as well. If you ask to meet with the director of nursing admissions Patty Burk, she has no problem meeting with you and she is a very sweet lady. She even called to check with me. The difference I would say with Roxborough and abington is that Roxborough is much more personal the only admit 60-70 students per year so if you think about it their pass rate is excellent at %100 and they only lost maybe 8-20 students. Abington has day and night programs where they admit about the same # of students to each a total of about 120-140. About the same # of students dropped out (or were kicked out) as with Roxborough. A little less than all who graduated passed the NCLEX at %92. Also, Roxborough's skills lab is at a ratio of 1 teacher to 2 students. I hope this helps
  6. by   nurse.bettyRN
    Thanks for all of your comments! As a matter of fact, I decided to go to Roxborough! Due to location and commuting to clinicals I just thght tht was a better choice, although Abington is a great school as well...Veggielady, I'm quite surprised that was your experience. Whenever I called, Patti Burke the director was so pleasant and nice. When I attended the open house, she explained that the only accept up to 70 students, so you right on the head on that, Jayden. I just had an overall pleasant experience with them and I loved the idea of getting the close one-on-one attention, not to mention their 100% pass rate!!! I had also spoken to other nurses who had attended Roxborough, including a Director of Er at Einstein, and I got nothing but great remarks!....hope to see you there Jayden!
  7. by   MariaNicoleRN
    I just graduated from Roxborough in May. It is a great school, but very tough. Most of the teachers are great. They prepare you VERY well for NCLEX. Good luck!
  8. by   dlszymbo
    I have recently been accepted into Roxborough's program and will be attending starting August 2014. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or insight into this program!