Possibly Preggo, Starting Nursing School in Fall

  1. I was accepted to CCAC's nursing program that will be starting this Fall. However, I may be pregnant! My husband and I would be very excited if this is the case, but it makes me wonder what it would be like to be pregnant in nursing school. Does this happen to a lot of people? I figured that since nursing programs are mostly women of reproductive age, it could be quite common. I need to take a pregnancy test still, but even if I am NOT preggo, I am still curious about what other people have gone through.

    I am especially curious about how CCAC (I will be going to the West Mifflin Campus) handles pregnant nursing students. So if anyone has had pregnant women in their classes or were/are one yourself, please share your experience! Thanks.

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  3. by   ctml
    i had started taking pre reqs for nursing at wccc back in 1989 and was accepted to the nursing program for that fall. over a 1000 people tested for 100 seats. i made it and foustarnd out i was pregnant. i spoke to the director of our program and was enouraged to reapply for the next year. my due date was december and she told me it would be too hard and i would miss too much. even though i was due over christmas break and could be back by start of new year. i was mortified. what if i didnt make it again. I HAD TO RETEST. But i took her advise, kept taking pre-reqs retested made it and started the program in the fall of 1991. i cant remember now why it was an extra year, maybe i was supposed to start in 1990. at any rate they strongly advised me against starting when pregnant or having a new baby. i would agree. depending on your due date, being pregnant isnt the issue, many women work while pregnant. but what if you have complications, need bedrest or are due in the middle of a term. nursing school is greuling, and new moms get little sleep. my advise is keep taking pre reqs while you welcome your new addition to the family. enjoy that time and when you start nursing school you will have less on your plate to deal with maybe even have most of your pre reqs completed and just need your core courses. Thats how i did it and it was tough. i couldnt imagine how the people taking the full course load were managing. it took me five yrs to get my associate degree, i grad in 1994. ours was a step program. you were allowed to sit for lpn boards after the first 3 semesters then 2 more and sat for rn boards. my husband and i seperated in the 3rd and most important clinically semester. i took another year at that point sat for lpn boards, finished some pre reqs i had left and worked and caught up with the next class in the fall of 93 and just had my last two nursing courses left. it was hard being a single mom working 56 hrs a pay on afternoon shift and going to school all day. but it paid off. i would of never been able to do as well had i started the first time i was accepted having a baby in the middle of that first year knowing what i know now looking back. its too much id have missed too much and probably failed. i guess it all depends on your due date and whether or not your pregnacy has complications. nursing school is VERY VERY stressful, anyone having gone through it will tell you that. stress is bad for pregnant moms. but if you have alot of support, a nanny to care for your new baby 24/7 and determination it might work. consider continuing with your pre-req classes have the baby and then start. what matters is that you get there in the end even if it takes you longer. good luck and let us know how it goes.