PLEASE HELP! Drexel ACE: Has anyone else received this message?

  1. 2 I received an email a few weeks ago confirming my application was completed, and to monitor the drexel portal for changes in my status. This morning I received an email noting that my application will be complete once they receive my high school transcripts.

    I was very confused because the drexel site says that high school transcripts are only needed for applicants with 24 or fewer college credits. I have over 124! I emailed the admissions department, asking them to clarify this for me. I was nervous that this would cause me to lose my spot in the queue for application review.

    I decided to check my portal page to see what that said. It had changed. My materials portion was complete, but now says that I still need to submit the high school transcripts.
    My admissions decision also changed...It says that I am ACCEPTED!!

    Could this be a cruel mistake? I hope not! I am all set to go out and buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate!!!
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