Pitt ABSN 2012

  1. Anyone apply to Pitt's ABSN program starting fall 2012?
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  3. by   jenki211
    hello! I also applied for Fall 12 and just received my acceptance today. have you heard anything yet?
  4. by   lek17
    Hi! Yes I also received an acceptance. Are you from Pittsburgh? Are you definitely attending?
  5. by   jenki211
    I'm from 70 miles outside Pittsburgh, so I am fairly close. I applied to one other school and have an interview with them tomorrow so I'm about 50/50 on whether I'm going for sure until after I interview and hear from them. But I love Pitt and their program! Are you definitely going?
  6. by   lek17
    I am waiting to here back from another school but I will most likely go to Pitt. I live close to campus so it would be the most convenient. And of course I think it will be a solid program. Did you go to Pitt for undergrad? How'd your interview go?
  7. by   jenki211
    I think the interview went well, but I prob won't hear from admissions till mid March. I did my undergrad at a much smaller school in central PA, but I'm taking the rest of my prereqs now at Pitt's Johnstown campus and I did look at Pitt originally for undergrad and had friends who went there so I've been there a bunch. I emailed Pitt's admissions today to see if accepting the admissions offer was binding or if I could change my mind later if it happens so hopefully I'll hear back soon! I really want to accept it just in case I don't get in the other school or decide I'd rather go to Pitt.
  8. by   jenki211
    so now I will definitely be attending Pitt's program in the fall. Anyone else??
  9. by   aes29
    Also accepted into the ABSN program started in the fall! Graduated from Pitt in '08 and so glad to be going back. What about everyone else?
  10. by   jenki211
    congrats aes29! I graduated from Dickinson in '08 and also have an MS from Georgetown. I'm excited to start at Pitt, although I'm apartment hunting right now and that's totally stressing me out!
  11. by   jlp6200
    Quote from lek17
    Anyone apply to Pitt's ABSN program starting fall 2012?
    Hey guys! Just wondering if you had any info on when you received interviews... I'm being completely anxious about hearing back from Pitt and the deadline is feb 15 but was curious if they are already doing interviews and when they started..Thanks!