Penn State Hershey Medical Center 2014 Graduate Nurse Residency - page 9

Is anyone applying or have submitted an application for the current cohort? The clinical narrative is taking me awhile. Share your thoughts below.... Read More

  1. by   williams84
    No news this week. It could go either way, but I just want to know.
  2. by   sunshyne17
    Same for me foxessb1 - no news... let's hope they are putting our offers together sometime next week...
  3. by   madani182005
    Ms. Lynn mentioned about letting the hopeful candidates know starting from Monday. She also mentioned me on the phone that she will open up a Facebook account of all the selected candidates which can help for the selected candidates to know each other and give an idea about the accommodation need as well.
  4. by   williams84
    You're just full of information! Thanks for the update!
  5. by   madani182005
    I will inform you guys with any sort of information I have. I want u all be in the team dear. Have a good week end
  6. by   sunshyne17
    Thanks madani. It's very kind of you to be so helpful to all of us hoping to get in too.
  7. by   madani182005
    Any news yet guys???
  8. by   williams84
    Nothing yet.
  9. by   williams84
    This wait is getting rough. I have tried to tell Penn State that they are my top choice, but I have another offer that really needs to be addressed. They need to get on it!
  10. by   sunshyne17
    Got my offer today I am so psyched! Foxessb1 - you should be hearing from them soon!
  11. by   williams84
    Awesome! Leave it to the OR to take their time.
  12. by   madani182005
    Quote from sunshyne17
    Got my offer today I am so psyched! Foxessb1 - you should be hearing from them soon!
    which unit will you be working on dear? ER or med/surge? At least u r done with ur boards right? I am in the process of getting my license by endorsement. so will you move to Hershey or will commute from north east PA where u live? I definitely have to move and look for an apt in Hershey so excited
  13. by   itrust
    I called today because I was sick of waiting and its a nay for me. I wish everyone the best of luck. The recruiter said that if you haven't heard anything it's probably b/c you made the waiting list and she is in the process of going down the list. Those that didn't make the cut, will get an official rejection letter soon. She said my unit's pick were pretty solid (meaning they already accepted the position) so I would call foxessb1. Anywho, I'm okay with the decision
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