Penn State Hershey Medical Center 2014 Graduate Nurse Residency - page 14

by itrust

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Is anyone applying or have submitted an application for the current cohort? The clinical narrative is taking me awhile. Share your thoughts below.... Read More

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    Quote from sunshyne17
    madani I agree - I did Kaplan too. I actually had the same med on NCLEX as I did studying Kaplan. It was a slightly different question that I got wrong anyway! lol but I was able to rule out other answers based on what little I knew. I had soooo many put-the-steps-in-order questions!! They are evil. :P
    hi did u receive any email after the confirmation For background check/finger printing/ pre employment physical check up ???? Let me know. Coz I didn't receive anything after the first email.
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    Sunshyne- did u receive any email after the confirmation email for hershey medical center? After my confirmation I didn't receive anything yet. I need to find out When will we do our finger printing? Let me know about any update
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    Just received an email from Ms. Lynn. We will be receiving FB invitation from Delfina Hasiwar to be part of the RN residency 2014 FB Page. It will be very good resource for all my questions answered
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    madani - yes. It should be a great resource. I just joined it today. And no - I haven't received anything re: the details of the next steps. I am assuming they will do that after the thanksgiving holiday

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    Where did u join? What page in FB? Can u write in details about it?
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    Sunshyne what is ur name? I just joined the group 2014
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    madani I'm Travonne W.
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    I know this is an old post, but I am interviewing for the July 2014 residency program in April for the peri-operative unit. Anyone have any tips for me for the interview/shadow day?
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    Anyone applying for 2015 program??