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Hi all, Just want to see if anyone else has applied to the July 2013 new grad residency program. I live in Cali so this would be a big move for me, but it seems like an awesome place to work. Plus, the job market here is... Read More

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    i moved to pa to get the experience, finished the residency, you guys will def learn alot, however, dont expect any days off or any approved vacations, this place is notorious for favoring the highest seniority rns due to their union and regulations. not to mention the fact of being underpaid and worked like a dog

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    Do you think it was worth it though? I know that the 1st year will most likely be tough, no matter where I go. Are you going to stay at Hershey or apply for jobs somewhere else? Any helpful tips you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I've applied for the Summer 2013 Residency!! I picked the NICU, PICU, and one other I forget.. I really don't want to wait till March to find anything out! Think they'd ever let us know earlier?
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    LOL I don't think they would let us know sooner, we must be tortured.... I did get an email saying they opened up two SICU positions. I know someone else on this thread wanted that so hoorah!
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    haha babybluelife - I actually responded to that email and asked to put SICU for my 2nd choice (they offered it for 1st or 2nd only, and I had it as my 3rd). Thank goodness! I didn't want to look ignorant by having a position with no openings. I STILL swear there were 3 openings for that when I applied in the beginning of January, but my eyes might have been playing tricks on me.

    In the meantime, I'm going to the Trauma conference in Hershey in March, so maybe I'll be able to network with a few Hershey employees there. They aren't running it - the American Trauma Society is - but I'm sure there will be many Hershey doctors and nurses there!
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    I'm in the residency now in the HVICU, and it is definitely worth it!! It is very tough. The educators definitely challenge and push you! Good luck to you all!
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    I just got an email. I didn't get chosen for an interview..... Good luck to everyone else!
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    babybluelife, I got the same email. Being an ADN, I really didn't think I would get it anyway, but was a little hopeful. Everything happens for a reason! We had planned to move to Florida if I didn't make it as Hershey's program was the only thing keeping me here - so I guess I was meant to be in Florida!!

    Remember, sometimes what we want is not what God wants for us

    Good luck with your search for the right fit...
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    Me too, also an ADN. Thanks for the encouragement, it's true that everything happens for a reason. Good luck in the new chapter in your life, sounds exciting! Lots of sun in Florida.

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