Penn State Altoona RN program

  1. Is anyone starting PSU Altoona 2Nurs program in Fall 2012? Don't know anyone so just trying to reach out. Or has anyone already done this program that has tips to offer a newbie??

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello and welcome to the site. I moved your thread to PA Nursing Programs so you will get more response.
  4. by   tscharf
    I'm in the class that will be graduating Dec 2012. It's been a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

    Check out those two threads - I've answered some questions on those links.

    My tips: enjoy the summer! You will stay very busy, so enjoy the downtime now. Jump at every opportunity to learn something new. The instructors and (most of the) nurses on the floors are willing to have you observe procedures and/or help out and/or perform it (when it's within the scope of what you've been taught. Study early and often. Smile - it's contagious and the pts will really appreciate it! :-)

    Do you have any specific questions I can answer?
  5. by   megpsu31
    Thanks for the comment. No specific questions just a lot of curiosity. I'm so excited but so, so, so nervous also! I'll take any tips you have
  6. by   tscharf
    I know that I was incredibly nervous starting. I'm a "true" returning adult student, with a small child and husband, and had left a really good job to follow my dream. It has been worth every frustration, every night with little to no sleep, every night of studying! I won't lie - it's a lot of work, but we just finished up in the ICU and I felt very prepared to handle those difficult cases. If you can get the book lists at orientation, get your books off amazon or or the like. MUCH cheaper than at the bookstore. :-) Get lots of NCLEX books and start using them early on. (I probably have at least 15 - no joke - and study from all of the regularly. I feel it helps me prepare for the tests.)

    Yes, I ramble - blame it on the Advanced Med-Surg test today and the OB test on Monday! :-)

    Can you narrow down areas you are curious about?
  7. by   megpsu31
    Same here, I'm an adult student with 2 kids and a husband. I guess I'm most worried about being able to manage it all. I know it will all come to me as I get in the groove but I just worry about staying on top of it. But I am very excited. I am trying to enjoy the summer knowing it's going to get crazy but also just want August to get here! NCLEX books are on my Christmas list for this year. Thanks for your help!!
  8. by   Jrcook2574
    Hello everyone! I am applying for Fall 14' and have to take quite of few prerequisites to get in.. I just wanted to know for those who already went through the program how many prerequisites you had to take and where you took them at! (:
  9. by   clg2
    Hello everyone, I will be applying for the associate degree program for Fall 2014. I was wondering how hard it is to get into the program and how many they accept? Any info would be greatly appreciated