Other PCT/CNA opportunities in Pittsburgh?

  1. After going through the interviews, two job shadowings, and tons of anticipation I found out that I can't work the position I'd applied for at UPMC because of a misunderstanding I had with the application. Since UPMC is a no-go, what are other worthwhile opportunities in Pittsburgh, preferably around the North Hills? I was looking forward to go through the training without having to dish out all that money for certification beforehand but if I have to do that to get a decent job I guess I will. Thank you in advance for your help.
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  3. by   AriyaTaylor
    what was the misunderstanding you had with the application? I myself applied there but I haven't called yet to see if they reviewed it. ( I have worked as a CNA- and I have school certification for CNA). I do know some places( Like elderly homes) do provide training. Manor care is one of them. You should check it out
  4. by   mursesomeday
    I'm curious about the misunderstanding as well. I'm going through the process right now. Are all UPMC facilities out for you or just hospitals? Their LTC facilities are always looking for people. I know the hospital NA programs are just that, NA (no C), and they do not prep you for the certification and are not considered a state certified program. But their LTC facilities do put you through training to become a CNA and get certified.

    I know in the North Hills, St. Barnabas has CNA classes from time to time. Not sure when their next one is but it's worth giving them a call I'm sure.