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Hello all, I am new to this site (joined today, but have been searching forums for quite some time) and I am very confident that someone will be able to help me.I plan on applying to Thomas... Read More

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    Dear chinyere130,

    I am starting the FACT program this May. From your post I am thinking you are also starting at this time? If so I am wondering if you are attending the Accepted Students Reception...? I am so sad that I can't make it and I am looking for someone to take notes for me.

    Thanks so much either way,

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    Hi river,

    No I didn't apply to the Jefferson program because it starts to early and I'm still finishing school. I graduate in may and I wasn't sure if the program was going to start before I even graduated. I asked to see if I should apply but I decided not too. Good luck!
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    hey RiverviewYeah....If you are talking about teh FACT Dinner, then yes! I am going. I could give you the DL. :P