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Hey is anyone starting the 2013 med surg internship at Lehigh valley? Interested in meeting others that are starting... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I am going for a group interview for the summer 2013 cohort. I was wondering, for those that have already been accepted, what were your resumes like? Did you have a high GPA, an externship, work experience? I just want an idea of what they are looking for and how I compare, if it isn't too personal. Also, is it hard to get the ICU?

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    k1569, Have you had your group interview yet? It sounds like you are ahead of the ball, which is good since they fill internship spots on a first-come, first-served basis. At your group interview, they will tell you what positions are available, and ask each candidate where they would like to interview, based on who submitted their application first.

    If you are accepted into the critical care internship, you may get displaced to a different ICU or into the critical care float pool at the end of the internship, based on staffing needs.
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    Hello! Just wondering if leHigh hires out of state new grad nurses for their residencies? Also, what is the pay rate?

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    Hi there, I am too wondering the same thing. Does Lehigh usually hire within the state? I am from California and have been invited to interview, but it is costly to go so I would like to know my chances ahead of time.

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