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I wanted to know if anyone has attended, or will attend Lasalle's BSN program. I'm thinking of going to ccp then transferring over to lasalle. My question is does Lasalle have a long waiting list? Also are there any RN programs... Read More

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    This is extremely late but I'm at community college and plan on referring tranferring to lasalle next treat,i wanted to know if the entry exam is hard? And how soon should I take it,i transfer over in 3 more semesters.

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    If by three semesters you mean you will be trying for Fall 2012 you need to take it before the deadline which is February. They recommend you take it in the preceding Fall meaning in the next few months for next Fall. They have tests appointments available already. As far as hard, I think that's relative, What's hard to one person may or may not be hard for someone else. Some think it's hard, and some think it's not hard at all.
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    For La Salle's nursing program, you have to take the NLN. There's an NLN prep book that you can get if you need to brush up on math, reading comprehension, etc. I didn't think it was that bad - it was a lot like the community college entrance exams, but with science questions - but as JT said, that's relative. Just brush up on what you don't feel comfortable with.

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