Jefferson Pre-licensure BSN

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    Hi everyone! I just got invited for an interviewed by Jefferson this month.. I'm super nervous! I'm just curious if anyone has any advice on how to prepare for the interview or if there's anyone who have been interviewed for this before? What can I expect? What questions will they ask? Thank!!

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    Hi emmaleed,
    I got an email to set up the admission interview!! I am excited and nervous!!
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    jus wondering what was your GPA when u applied? and how many credits do u have?
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    Hi Godwillhelpmeasucceed!

    Congrats!!! My gpa is 3.7 and 52 credits currently, but once I'm finished my classes I'm taking now ill have 64! How many do you have? When is your interview? I'm super nervous/excited for mine!!
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    Hi emmaleed,

    I got an interview this February 25th at 10am, I'm so anxious with what to expect and what questions they will ask but my friend told me the interview questions are located in the nursing brochure.
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    Congrats guys!
    Mine is on Feb 28th. I have 62 credits so far and I'm taking biochem this sem.
    My GPA is only 3.15.. so I'm extra nervous. R u guys going to dress professionally?

    Chaukiu, would you mind sharing the interview questions once you get done?

    I wish you both Good luck n I hope you both get in with no problem
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    hey, how was the interview?
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    How long did it take for you to get an email from Jefferson once you completed your nursingCAS application? I completed mine 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten anything from Jefferson regarding their supplement app.

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