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Jefferson FACT 2013/2014

  1. 0 Hey everyone!

    I figured this would be a good thread to start so we can talk to each other about any questions throughout this whole pre-start paperwork process. I'm really excited to start and look forward to meeting everyone!
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    Thank you for starting this thread. I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone in the program. Where are you in the paperwork process?
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    Ha!...I need to get started...What about you? I need to get going with the financial aid portion of it. I've just been swamped lately, so hopefully I can get to it this weekend! =)
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    Yes, thanks for starting this thread! I just found out I was accepted late last week (yay!!), and am now working on understanding the financial aid situation...
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    Hi everyone,

    I'll also be starting FACT this spring. Anyone know if a Facebook page has been started? Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Will you guys be going to the reception and dinner events? I know I will be.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I originally applied for APW, but then decided to switch to FACT! I don't know of a facebook page being started, but I heard about the accepted students reception from a friend. Looking forward to meeting everyone! My roommate is finishing up FACT this May, so I know it'll be intense!
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    I've created a Facebook group. Please join!

    OR search "Jefferson FACT Class of 2013-2014"
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    Looks like orientation is on May 13th. Can't wait for an official schedule.
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    Does anyone know if we have to find our own clinical placements/preceptor for the MSN portion?
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    My roommate is in the program now, and he gets all his placements and preceptors assigned to him. You don't need to find your own.
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    Do they like the program? And for the msn portipn too?
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    Even for the msn? Do they like the program ??
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    Does anyone know if former students sell their uniforms? It'd be nice to save a little on those.

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