Jefferson FACT 2013/2014 - page 2

Hey everyone! I figured this would be a good thread to start so we can talk to each other about any questions throughout this whole pre-start paperwork process. I'm really excited to start and... Read More

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    Do they like the program? And for the msn portipn too?

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    Even for the msn? Do they like the program ??
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    Does anyone know if former students sell their uniforms? It'd be nice to save a little on those.
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    I am currently in the program. Idk about others but I would love to sell my uniforms. If anyone is interested let me know. I am a male with small pants and small shirt. I'm 5'8".

    Also, I am willing to do a package deal with the ipad and all the books that you will need to buy, because as you either know or will soon find out buying an ipad is a requirement for the program. If anyone is interested PM me or email me
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    I'm also in the program now and will sell my uniform and some NCLEX prep books. Also, I have a pair of white Merrell shoes (amazing, I've been using the same brand all year and I love them) that I wore once and did not fit me (wrong size). Send me a personal message if you are interested.
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    hi all! im a newbie fact student, was originally enrolled in apw. cant wait to meet all of you!
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    Hey everyone! Hope you're all having great experiences with the FACT program. I am starting this May and I was wondering if anyone would like to sell me their ipad/books, scrubs, etc. I'm probably an XS for the scrubs but not really sure (I'm 5'1")

    Thanks!! If it's easier, look me up on Facebook and send me a message! (Kelly Callahan)

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