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Has anyone else been accepted for Thomas Jefferson APW nursing program for Fall 2012? :)... Read More

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    Good luck, cblack! Keep us posted!!!

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    Thanks, jocy_anne! I had my interview today and found out I was accepted about 20 minutes after! SO excited to meet you all.

    PS I asked to join your facebook group!
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    Hi everyone! I just had my interview and have been accepted to the APW program. I'm so excited!!! I also just joined the fb group. Cant wait to meet everyone
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    Congrats everyone! How are you all doing on the pre-matriculation requirements?

    I feel like I'm nearing the finish line. My security clearances are in, I've turned in all the medical stuff (except for my last HepB injection), and I just did my CPR training on Father's Day so I have my two-year card now. I'm really looking forward to starting in September!
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    I'm feeling the same way! All of my background check requirements are finally finished (the fingerprints took almost 9 weeks). I submitted my medical records about a week ago and am just waiting for them to come off my "administrative holds" list. And I did my CPR training at the beginning of the month, so that's good to go, too. I have 3 weeks left in my last prereq class (Microbiology)...once that's over, I don't think there will be much left to do at all! I can't wait to finally start the program!
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    Hello! I'm going to be a new apw student in fall '13 @ jefferson! I'm really excited yet nervous! Is anyone selling books, uniforms, school supplies, or even ipad (2 or 3 - 32gb)? I'm willing to buy anything you have! haha Please let me know! Thanks! )

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