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Has anyone else been accepted for Thomas Jefferson APW nursing program for Fall 2012? :)... Read More

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    Thank you! I already sent a request! Now I am nervous because there are so many things to be done before we start!

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    Yay, I added you! We now have 4 people in the group, woohoo! Lol. There is definitely a lot to get done, but once you start everything, it goes pretty quickly. I was accepted less than 3 weeks ago and just mailed the final piece to my background check yesterday, and have all the health requirements done except for the second TB screening I have to get in June. Only 140 days until we start the program!
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    I'm still waiting to hear back from these guys. Was told I would hear back from May 1 "at the latest".....

    Did you guys hear by email or by letter?
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    Hi Gobbstopper! Are you waiting for the interview invite or for a final decision? Regardless, I heard from them via e-mail on both occasions. I know they had a lot of applications this year since it was the first time they used the NursingCAS system. They also had to focus on the FACT program first, since that starts in a couple weeks, and I got the impression it took them longer to get through those applications. Trust me, I know that the wait SUCKS. Have you talked to the admissions office lately? If not, maybe you can give them a call and see if they have any answers. Tell them you were promised an answer by May 1st. Be persistent, but polite (obviously, lol). Hopefully you'll get good news soon! Let me know if you have any questions. :-)
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    I'm waiting for any decision at all. I called today, and the woman that answered took my name and phone number so that the admissions secretary could call me back, since she was at lunch. Hopefully I'll find out soon! They'll probably call me at work though.... I hope I see the call so I can answer :icon_roll
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    I hope you received a call back today! I'm crossing my fingers for you. Keep us posted!
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    Still have not heard anything... Should I call again..?
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    Yes, definitely call again today! Tell them you were supposed to receive a call back last week and never did. Hopefully they'll be able to give you an answer today!
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    If it makes you feel better, I know that Niki Kelley, in charge of admissions, is out of the office until tomorrow according to her email signature! Just be persistent. Kindly persistent!
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    I received a phone call from Niki last week inviting me for an interview and was caught totally off guard, so there is still hope for those of us waiting for a decision! I am so excited and nervous as this is my first choice school. I put a deposit down for Drexel's ACE program since I hadn't heard back from Jefferson but I'm really really hoping for Jefferson!

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