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  1. Has anyone out there been selected for Edinboro University's Innovative Nursing Program starting Fall 2012? I have just been accepted and am eager to get in touch with others who will be entering the program as well
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  3. by   wishingNhoping
    Hi Alb8952,

    I had a phone interview with the school last week and they said I should receive a letter in the mail within 3 weeks. Hopefully it is an acceptance letter. Did you received an acceptance letter within 3 weeks after your interview with them?

    Have a great day!
  4. by   alb8952
    I heard back exactly one week from the date of my interview---from admissions
    I had interviewed in December

    Good luck to you and let me know if you make it!
    I want to hopefully get in contact with some other students who will be attending
  5. by   llg
    I'm curious. What's so innovative about it? Or is it a graduate graduate program that teaches nurses how to innovate?
  6. by   alb8952
    it is an accelerated program. BSN in 3 semester
    Prerequisites are Anat and Phys I and II
    Chem w/lab
  7. by   alb8952
    And you must already posess a Bachelors Degree also
  8. by   ashleychill
    I had an interview a couple weeks ago and I'm anxious to receive the letter. I moved from my parents place up to Meadville with my boyfriend so I wont know until I go home next if I have even recieved anything. I wonder how many were interviewed, does anyone know?
  9. by   alb8952
    Not a clue. I know they have been interviewing since the 5th of December. Lots of luck to you. Let me know if you made it Then we can chat on here about housing and things like that
  10. by   ashleychill
    Ok I will let you know! Hope I do make it!
  11. by   wishingNhoping
    Hi there! I received a letter stating that I am accepted to the nursing innovative program last week! Do you know how difficult the nursing program is and if there is any HESI or ATI testing within the school year? Do you guys know the clinical hours and if clinical sites are near campus?
  12. by   alb8952
    Quote from wishingNhoping
    Hi there! I received a letter stating that I am accepted to the nursing innovative program last week! Do you know how difficult the nursing program is and if there is any HESI or ATI testing within the school year? Do you guys know the clinical hours and if clinical sites are near campus?


    I had emailed one of the professors. Most clinicals are in Erie, however 1 or 2 may be in Meadville. I do not know the hours unfortunately. I wonder if clinicals are on the weekends or if they are strictly during the week

    Not sure about the difficulty. I'd imagine its going to be a ton of work because we are getting a BSN in 3 semesters. That in itself screams tons of work to me....but well worth it! Have you made a decision whether or not you are accepting their offer into the program?

    Where are you thinking about living? I'm hoping to rent a room off someone I think
  13. by   wishingNhoping
    Thanks alb8952! I am actually from the west coast and have no idea where is Erie or Meadville. I am so nervous about moving from here to PA! It is a big change for me. Where are you from alb8952? What was your first degree in? Mine was is business and I am sooooo nervous about the intensity of the program.

    I can't wait for us to be classmates!
  14. by   Streamline2010
    That's interesting. Here's the program info, to save others looking it up: Pitt does something like that, but has more prereqs.

    15 months of 5 days/week plus all of the reading and memorizing and paperwork you'll have to do probably will mean you give up your entire life outside of school. I think if one has the extreme desire to become a nurse, finds all of the coursework interesting, and can skim-read and pick up concepts fast, that it might be a great accelerated program to pursue. I did one year of a diploma school program that was really intense and a huge, huge, monopolizer of our time like that, and I totally burned out and will probably never go back to nursing, ever. 5 days per week, all day every day, and grind away at it all the time every weekend and evening really killed my desire for RN. Every time I look back on that, I feel the flogging that I took. I will run up & down the floors and scrub patients and do physical work all day, but try to make me to sit though 6-8 hours daily of yapping lectures and then demand that I go home and sit all night and every weekend reading, studying, cramming, and doing paperwork, and I will have to keel you. ;-D

    You from the West Coast: Erie and Meadville and Edinboro and Northeast (that's a town) all of that region are in a huge snow belt that gets lake effect snows from Lake Erie. Deep snows, that stay on the ground for weeks or months, even. This year seems to be a mild winter (I'm in NW PA) but my advice to you is:
    1. Bring a good reliable vehicle that has 4WD or is front wheel drive.
    2. Plan on buying some Blizzaks or Winterforce snow tires if you have a car. Use 'em Nov - Mar.
    3. Or get some AT (all terrain) tread tires if you have a truck or SUV.
    Input your vehicle on and look through all of the tire selections reviews to find out how people rated that tire for winter / snow / ice and rain ON YOUR ACTUAL VEHICLE. Why? Because handling characteristics vary, and good on one car may be abysmal on a different car. Maybe you can find a good all-season compromise tire, but if you're not used to snow/ice, it's best to go with a dedicated winter tire those months. But if you don't have a friend w/ a garage to store your extra wheels & tires, all-season might be what you'll have to settle for.
    4. Remember, always, that the key to driving on snow and ice is always have really good tires, and SLOW DOWN.

    I'm serious, don't come here without a vehicle that is suitable for winter, because the ice, freezing rain, and snow can make driving a real ordeal. I'm particularly thinking about having to drive to Meadville for clinicals. Meadville is a rural area, and in a rural area, everyone has trucks & 4WDs and you don't want to be the person w/ the lil' flimsy car that has no traction.

    Aside from that, I don't know what the student lifestyle is like up there. I'm older and out of that loop, but I do know that proximity to Erie does offer some culture and activities that Meadville & Crawford Mercer County don't have. Most people's kids here go to Penn State Behrend or to Edinboro, and they prefer to stay up there and work during summers, for the social life.
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