Innovative Nursing Program

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    Has anyone out there been selected for Edinboro University's Innovative Nursing Program starting Fall 2012? I have just been accepted and am eager to get in touch with others who will be entering the program as well

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    Hi Alb8952,

    I had a phone interview with the school last week and they said I should receive a letter in the mail within 3 weeks. Hopefully it is an acceptance letter. Did you received an acceptance letter within 3 weeks after your interview with them?

    Have a great day!
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    I heard back exactly one week from the date of my interview---from admissions
    I had interviewed in December

    Good luck to you and let me know if you make it!
    I want to hopefully get in contact with some other students who will be attending
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    I'm curious. What's so innovative about it? Or is it a graduate graduate program that teaches nurses how to innovate?
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    it is an accelerated program. BSN in 3 semester
    Prerequisites are Anat and Phys I and II
    Chem w/lab
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    And you must already posess a Bachelors Degree also
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    I had an interview a couple weeks ago and I'm anxious to receive the letter. I moved from my parents place up to Meadville with my boyfriend so I wont know until I go home next if I have even recieved anything. I wonder how many were interviewed, does anyone know?
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    Not a clue. I know they have been interviewing since the 5th of December. Lots of luck to you. Let me know if you made it Then we can chat on here about housing and things like that
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    Ok I will let you know! Hope I do make it!
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    Hi there! I received a letter stating that I am accepted to the nursing innovative program last week! Do you know how difficult the nursing program is and if there is any HESI or ATI testing within the school year? Do you guys know the clinical hours and if clinical sites are near campus?

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