I am looking for a BSN program that fits my "crazy" military lifestyle. Can you help?

  1. Hello, everyone. I hope that you are all doing well.

    Some of you might have seen some of my "desperate" posts lately to find a nursing program that works with my crazy lifestyle. I am an Army wife who has done a lot of traveling during my husband's time in the military. With that said, I have the hardest time transferring my credits, being able to find a program that fits, and become an RN.

    I am currently finishing up my "pre-nursing" degree at a community college near my husband's duty station. However, we will not live here (Fort Leavenworth, KS) long enough for me to go onto the ASN/ADN program that the school offers. The pre-nursing degree consists of all of the pre-req classes such as A&P, microbiology, nutrition, statistics, chemistry, etc. It sets the foundation for me to either go to an ASN/ADN program that would take approximately two years. Or it creates the option for me to go onto a BSN program, with the idea of having approximately the first two years completed.

    My husband's contract is up in the spring of 2015. It is at that time that we will be moving back home to Pennsylvania. I have two semesters left of the pre-nursing degree. There are approximately 20 months in between the completion of my pre-nursing degree and our move back to PA. With that said, I do not want to wait 20 months to continue my education and become closer to being an RN. I was wondering if there are any schools that will let me begin the last two years of their BSN program online and then finish the rest of the credits that are required in the classroom when my family and I move back to PA? I am praying that there is a program like this out there somewhere in Pennsylvania. It will truly be a miracle. Thank you for all of your help.
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