Holy Family university '12

  1. I plan on attending holy family in the fall but I am worried about all the negative things that I've read on them today. Can anyone who is currently in the program or recently graduated from their nursing school give me any feedback on the do's and dont's to make my like a little bit easier?
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  3. by   ltswife
    Holy Family accepted me for Fall 2012. I paid them the fee to hold my place. I haven't spoke to financial aid yet so I'm not completely sure how this will play out for me. In any case, I've been watching to see if ANYONE else had anything to say about Holy Family for 2012. It is very scary that there have been no responses. It's almost as if the school of nursing didn't even exist in 2011. This definitely makes me nervous. I currently work full time, I am a wife an mother. Does anyone have the scoop on Holy Family University in Philadelphia?
  4. by   PaNrse
    The negative posts I've seen are old. as with any program faculty come and go and anyone can post something negative after a bad encounter.. it doesn't make the program bad... Holy Family has a new curriculum starting.. and new faculty.. and had a 100% NCLEX pass in December 2011! That and the fact that it is one of the least expensive programs around should encourage you! ask to sit in on a class or ask to talk to current seniors... they can give you a realistic opinion.