Harcum Evening Nursing Program 2012

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    Hello all I'm new to the forum but I but wanted to know if anyone is attending Harcum's evening program in May, I recently got accepted and wanted to know what to expect with classes n clinicals. Its been a long road for me so I am proud that I'm finally going to nursing school.Anyone have any info or stories to share, thank you in advance!

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    I am going to start in May as well and I had some of the same questions. I'm wondering what our class size would be like.
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    Quote from NENurse61211
    I am going to start in May as well and I had some of the same questions. I'm wondering what our class size would be like.
    Oh great, congrats...I'm a little anxious to get started...did u get ur get ur bloodwork n stuff done yet?I hope the class size isn't too big but more intimate so we can all have a better chance at learning...im sure a lot will start n a lot will drop out.
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    Thanks! Congrats to u as well I am actually going next week for my medical exam but I have to set up my CPR within the next few weeks. I hope we have a small class size as well. I'm not sure how many slots they had open for PM nursing. May will be here before u know it!!!
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    Hi everyone, I also got accepted to the evening Nursing program. I just took my CPR class last weekend and have my physcial next week. I got all the medical paperwork, but I was a little confused do I go to my family doctor or the Mainline health they gave the information about? I think there is over 60 in the class, but I think they lose many students after the first summer semester.
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    Congrats on your acceptance! You should go to your family physician they provide you with information from Mainline just in case you don't have insurance. Wow, a class of 60! I am DETERMINED to make it through the program and through the NCLEX...the first time, lol!
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    Congrats to u too oreland!!! Class size of 60 wow!!! I for one am not planning on dropping out. I'm already looking at nclex questions now, lol. I found a free study guide online with test questions, in case you guys would like to take a look, just google "free nclex-rn study guide" I do hope we all do well. I just have to get my tdap booster done, then I'll take it to them personally, don't want no problems when classes are about to start. I see orientation is April 12th, can't wait to meet u guys!
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    I am starting in May also at Harcum. I was wondering if anyone is working during the day while going to the program? I am hoping to continue working while going to school here but I just found out that the clinical portion can start as early as 3 and class is usually from 5-10 so that limits the places that I can work. I just got all of my medical work done today from my family doctor so insurance covered it except the urine drug test that I have to get done at quest diagnostics I think. Does anyone know if insurance covers that or if it is an out of pocket expense? Congrats to everyone for getting in!
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    Congrats Nss,
    Thank you, I am working during the day, 730-430pm and I did see that part about clinicals but I would just have to let my job know, being as though they know I'm going to nursing school. I'm sure it's going to be a little difficult to do both, but I'm willing to do it. As far as the urine goes, I got everything done except my tdap booster and my insurance covered everything, I didn't receive a bill in the mail about it either, but I also had to go to LabCorp.
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    Where did you see the info regarding start times for clinicals starting that early? I'm wondering whether or not we have to do an entire shift (3-11) and do we have the option of doing weekend clinicals...

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