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How many uniforms do you think is necessary to purchase? Do you have to wear them to lecture as well as clinical days? Do you need a lab coat? Any suggestions as to what we need to purchase would be appreciated. I don't actually... Read More

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    I start part time clinicals at the lancaster campus starting January 2011. Will I be one that gets the new uniforms?? Yay, I hope so! I take my Dosage Calculation test on Friday, I'm getting a little nervous. My papers say that we should buy at least two uniforms from Rose Uniforms. com and that we also purchase our nametags from them. Where on the website can you purchase them. I know at Orientation in December, they will have uniforms there to try on and purchase but what about the nametags? Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of stethoscope to purchase...One better than the other and hopefully would last? Anyone else starting part time clinicals in January at Lancaster? Thanks!

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    Where are you starting clinicals at? I am starting the Lancaster part time clinicals in January 2011???
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    I'm going to start my nursing at hacc this spring at Lancaste.
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