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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field (ie. hospitals, senior living... Read More

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    Quote from joannaco
    Hi guys,

    I was just accepted to Drexel's Fall 2013-2014 program. Can anyone tell me what they mean by a computer applications course? Thanks!
    It's an introductory level of a computer course. To be sure that Drexel accepts the course you're planning to take, you can always email a copy of the course description to the advisor.

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    Got accepted into the Fall 2013 program! Super excited!! Trying to figure out the housing situation, it's making me a little nervous! If anyone in the program knows of apartmens or people needing roommates please let me know! I'll be applying to on campus housing as well just in case.

    Congrats to everyone that has been accepted!
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    OMG!!!I just found out today that I got into the Program for FALL 2013!!! i was waitlisted earlier this year, and than was accepted!!! im super excited!!! cant wait until the official letter comes!!! Praise JESUS!!
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    So I am officially attending Drexel's ACE program in the Fall. I have sooo many questions and if anyone could/is willing to answer some that would be great!
    1) where should I live? On-Campus, Off-campus? Suggestions? From what I saw online it looks like the Stiles building is about $16,000 for the 11 months. Would living off campus be worth the inconvience of saving a couple of thousand on loans?
    2) Clinicals: How far are they away from the school? I'm sure there are some close and far, but whats the farthest travel?
    3) Lastly, what can you expect the daily schedule to be?

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    Hey, congrats on being accepted!! I'll try and answer:

    Where you live is completely up to you. Personally, I will be living off campus in south jersey with a roommate. The cost of living of where I'm staying is significantly less money than living on campus, plus there will be ample free parking. Living on campus has its advantages though: the library is right across the street, and study groups are usually easier to form/join since you'll be so close to school. However, the expense and cost of parking (if you're bringing a car) are reason to look for something else. If you want to live off campus but really close, I'd recommend looking up places in University City, and East Falls/Manayunk areas...the shuttle for Drexel is close and it won't take long to get to class.

    Drexel will send you as close as Hanhnemann and as far as hospitals in Delaware for clinicals. Quarter 1 we only have 1 assignment, but it will increase to two or three clinical sites as time progresses. They're not going to care where you live either, but students usually carpool if need be.

    Classes start September 23rd, and as per the information session we had in February, days are typically Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm or something close to that. Clinicals are usually one of those days during the week (quarter 1) for about 6 hours starting in the morning

    I hope I was of some help. If you have a Facebook, there is a group for all us Fall '13 ACE students. Look up Drexel ACE Fall 2013, I'm sure it'll come up.
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    I have to make a rather quick decision between Johns Hopkins accelerated summer program (which starts in early June but ends around the same time as the Drexel program) and Drexel's fall 2013 program. Money isn't really an issue, because I am prior military and tuition would be covered for Drexel and would only have to pay about 10 to 15k for JHU. Drexel just worries me a bit because when I look at their plan of study I see academic terms with no less than 21 credits and even one with 24 over 11 months. Does that look worse than it really is? I cant see the JHU program being that much different since they have relatively the same time frames but JHU averages about 16 credits per term. JHU has about 160 lab hours and 900 clinical hours throughout its program. Does anyone know what Drexel has? I'm just curious what others would choose? I am reading that the type of school you get your BSN from doesn't really matter so I would lean toward not owing anything but if the program is that intense, I guess I would rather get better grades at a bigger name less intense program.
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    The credits for Drexel are different than most colleges because they have 10-credit quarters instead of typical semesters. The conversion according to their website is 1 semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits, so the 24 credit quarter is equal to taking an 18 credit semester. I'm in that quarter now, at the end of my 3rd week and I will tell you that it is definitely do-able in terms of the workload.
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    Thanks a lot JillyPlot.... that info was just what I was looking for. 18 definitely sounds significantly better than 24. What are your class sizes and how are the facilities? I signed up for the info session for accepted students but that wont be till May 22 and I haven't had an opportunity to visit the campus.
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    Our classes are mostly about 70 students, the exceptions being one lecture and our labs. The facilities are pretty nice. Classes are held at the Center City Hahnemann campus. All of your classes will be with the same cohort. The entire class that starts together is split into 2 groups and that is who you will see all the time.

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