Drexel Ace Spring 2013 start date, Facebook Group?

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    Would anyone be interested in joining a Facebook group for the ACE class starting Spring 2013? It would be another outlet to get to know classmates, possible roommates, etc. I know of a few graduates and current students, so I thought of inviting them in as well to share more information with us. If anyone else shows interest by replying to this post, I'll start a group. Thanks!

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    I would be!
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    I'd join too
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    Okay great! Yes it looks like I need to have at least one other persons name to start the group. My full name is Kelsey Herforth if you want to search for me, and add me as a friend. Then I could start the group.
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    I would definitely interested in joining as well! I will search for your name tonight after work and add you as a friend. Great idea, looking forward to chatting with you and the other Spring 2013 cohort.
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    I just tried to look you up on my phone but nothing came up. I might not be able to search for you because of privacy settings or maybe its my phone. I'm Katelyn Gardner if you want to try.
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    @ Katelyn5289 Did you graduate from the Univ of Delaware Dietetics program? There are a few ppl named Katelyn Garnder on fb. If so, I think we had classes together! I graduated in May 2009.
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    Nope, I graduated from Temple in business in 2011.
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    Heres the link to the facebook group. You can also search "drexel ace spring 2013" in the facebook search bar.
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    Hi I tried to look u up on my phone too but your name wouldn't show up .. My name is Donna so please add thanks for creating the group!! )

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