Drexel ACE Spring 2013, any applicants out there? Drexel ACE Spring 2013, any applicants out there? | allnurses

Drexel ACE Spring 2013, any applicants out there?

  1. 0 Hello All-

    I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months
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    Hi, YES I applied too! but not sure I have a shot of getting in...I completed all of my prereqs except for the ethics one but my undergrad GPA is not the greatest... that's really the only thing I'm concerned about :-/ what about you?
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    also I went to Drexel for my freshman year but transferred to Rutgers ...so not sure if that's going to be seen as a good thing or bad thing....
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    I received my BS in Dietetics from the Univ of Delaware. My undergrad GPA isn't where I would like it, but my GPA in my last 60 credits is what I'm sort of relying on. Its a little unnerving knowing that they screen applicants based on grades only. I sent a LOR anyway, as well as let them know I have my CNA license etc.

    After reading through the other ACE threads, they begin notifying anywhere from two weeks after the application cycle closes till a handful of weeks before the start of the program. I don't know if I can wait til next year!

    I will also be applying to Jefferson's FACT, UPenn, West Chester, and maybe a school or two in Northeast Florida/the South.
    What other programs are you applying to?
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    hi! i sent my application in in middle of february and i already found out i got accepted! i emailed the admissions guy before i heard back asking when i would know if i got in or not and he said : "review for the spring 2013 term will begin on approximately april 16 and continue for 4-5 months. applications will be reviewed on a queue determined by date of application completion."

    best of luck!!!
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    @Kelsea1214 I applied to Jefferson in the fall and did not get in :-/ so I'm waiting for Drexel and going to apply to Villanova eventually...I'm waiting for my spring grades to hopefully boost my GPA a little bit before I do anything else lol

    that's awesome @rld2750 congrats!!! my file was just completed last week so I'm waiting and very anxious... would you mind sharing your stats?? (undergrad GPA from where and what prereqs you had completed)
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    Congrats rld2750! I applied late, the beginning of April :/

    @laurn109 I'm sorry to hear you didnt get accepted to Jefferson. I wish you best of luck this year with your remaining applications Im certain we will all get in, and be successful, if we have gotten this far!
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    My application was just completed a week ago. I was a bit late. I wasn't planning on applying anywhere until a bit later, but thought I would go for it, since they don't require LOR's and the application was free.
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    I applied in the beginning of March and just found out last week that I got in! I was kind of surprised since I only had two of my science pre-req's completed (A&P I and II). So now I just have to do Nutrition, Chem, and Micro and Ethics in the Fall I am NOT looking forward to that!

    GOOD LUCK to all who are waiting to hear! I am sure you will hear good news soon
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    I received a confusing email this morning asking for my high school transcripts. yet, it was already confirmed that my application was complete. I have a bachelor's, they dont need my high school transcripts! So, I checked my portal website, and my admissions decision status changed... I was offered admissions! Yay! I emailed and left a message with admissions to get the high school transcript thing straightened out. very weird. I left another thread asking if any one else had something similar happen to them.
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    CONGRATS Kelsea1214!!! That is so great! I feel like that must have been a mistake since your status says you were accepted..
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    Thanks Laurn109. I agree! Im interested in applying to Thomas Jefferson's FACT program, too. That app cycle doesnt open until this August 15th, and the program starts fall 2013.

    I'm in Florida right now, but I will be back in the Northeast within a week. I plan to visit Jefferson and Drexel ASAP, so I can make a decision. From what I understand, we have about 60 days to submit a decision to Drexel, and we can also defer our admission until next term. Not saying that I'm giving up my spot, but I want to make sure I weigh all of my options before plunging in!
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    Hi Kelsea!!! Glad to hear that it looks like you've been accepted to Drexel! Congrats!!! I haven't started at Jefferson yet, but will in September, so feel free to contact me if you want me to show you around or have any questions! They do have two accelerated BSN-MSN programs, so make sure you know which one you want to apply to. FACT is the one-year program and it starts every May. APW is the two-year program (the one I'm doing) and starts every September. Good luck with everything!!!