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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

  1. by   Kelsea1214
    @amys1029 I also plan on applying to UPenn and Thomas Jefferson as soon as the application cycles open. Are you applying to BSN/MSN at Penn, and which program are you applying to at Jeff FACT or APW?
  2. by   sinbadx81
    Hi everyone,

    I've also been accepted to the Spring 2013 ACE program. Congrats to the others who have gotten in and best of luck to those on hold or waiting on getting a spot.

    Anyone visited yet or have thoughts on the program?
  3. by   Kelsea1214
    Quote from sinbadx81
    Hi everyone,

    I've also been accepted to the Spring 2013 ACE program. Congrats to the others who have gotten in and best of luck to those on hold or waiting on getting a spot.

    Anyone visited yet or have thoughts on the program?
    Hello- I'm visiting Drexel this week. I'm meeting with an academic advisor while I'm there. I just want to get a feel for the campus, and ask a few questions etc. I'm concerned about safety, too. The program sounds amazing, I like that it is only 11 months long.
  4. by   laurn109
    I did really well with my grades in the spring semester so I sent an updated transcript to admissions and now my application is ON HOLD.. very frustrated and wondering how much longer it is going to take to hear/how many spots will be open at that point. Does anyone know how many students they accept into the program?
  5. by   DanielCA
    I just got an email today that I was accepted. What fun! It was the first place that I had applied to, mostly because they didn't require much for letters of recommendation and whatnot. I get the feeling they accept quite a few people, and assume that people will cancel or drop out or something.

    Regarding emails from them, I recommend being very pro-active. I put on my application a class at a school which I am first attending this semester, and they asked for a transcript. Well, silly, the semester isn't over yet, so I don't have a transcript! My status was just sitting there, pending... waiting for my transcript, but I quickly contacted them and got it straightened out. Sure enough, a few weeks later I was accepted. They never emailed me before that though, so I could've been waiting a long time if I hadn't done something.

    I also (proactively) suggested to them that I send my planned course of study for the summer and fall semesters, to complete my pre-reqs. The guy responded "sure, why don't you send that to us." ... like they wouldn't have even asked if I hadn't suggested it first. So, I think it may pay to go for it a little bit.

    Here's my stats as best I know:
    undergrad GPA: 3.14
    total GPA: 3.25
    last 60 units: 3.6
    last 20 units: 4.0
    science: 3.5 -ish

    I have a BS in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, class of 2001.

    One other thing, I actually sent my application in 2 days after the April 15th deadline, but got my transcripts in asap, and wrapped it up quick, but was happy that even after the deadline they considered me and already decided.

    Hope that helps anyone else who is still waiting.
  6. by   KzaRza
    Hey everybody,

    I found out a few days ago that I was accepted into the Spring 2013 cohort. I applied the day before the April 16th deadline, and about a week later I recieved an email stating that my application was complete. After another 2-3 weeks of waiting with no change on portal my status suddenly became "incomplete" I called and found out I just needed one more transcript. I got that transcript fast tracked over on Monday and by Thursday my status still had not changed. I called up the advisors and was told that they did get my last transcript and that it should be updated into the system within a week and I should have an acceptance decision within a few weeks from that. Thirty minutes after this phone call I check portal one more time and wha-la it had changed to that I was accepted.

    As for stats:
    Undergrad GPA: 2.99
    Undergrad Major: Neuropsychology from PSU
    Last 60 credits: 3.8
    Only missing two pre-reqs (chem and a&p 2), currently taking chem over the summer at community college and I am registered for a&p 2 for the fall at the same school. I haven't sent them any information about taking these classes and they haven't asked for any indication that I am.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  7. by   laurn109
    I FINALLY found out that I was accepted today! I applied mid-April and hadn't heard ANYTHING until last week when they asked me for my spring grades from Rutgers. Luckily I had already sent them as soon as I got them because the semester boosted my GPA. Then yesterday my admissions status on Discover Drexel finally changed to saying that the portal will not be able tell me my admissions decision and I have to contact an advisor for my decision because I had already attended Drexel before. And I was in the Nursing and Health Sciences school so I guess the decision was up to the advisors? I didn't really get it but as soon as I saw this I emailed an advisor and today she told me that I was just accepted today! I am so happy and relieved and thank you everyone for sharing your information...it made the process much less stressful! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!!!!
  8. by   Kelsea1214
    Hey All-

    To those who have received their acceptance notice & sent in their deposit:

    Have you received anything aside from the welcome packet/transfer credit evaluation from the University? I think we are also supposed to receive a list of things "to do" before entering the program, such as specific vaccinations etc.
    Anyone receive this??
  9. by   njourney
    I also got accepted into Drexel's ACE program for Spring 2013! I have not received anything other than the welcome packet either. I was hoping someone else was in the same boat as me

    As for anyone that applied to Jefferson's FACT program (or is thinking about it). I was wait listed with them and had 3.59 GPA. However, I did apply late and she said I would have gotten in if I had applied earlier. So make sure to apply at the very beginning! and best of luck!
  10. by   DGabe24
    First post on the site, long time lurker!

    I was wait listed for the Spring 2013 ACE program...which was a little discouraging however recently I was contacted asking for more information. They wanted a personal statement explaining a few grades (chemistry from fresh/soph year) and how I feel I will do in the program. I sent back an email within a few days, which was very well written, and it was forwarded to admissions.

    My naive and optimistic half wants to believe that this inquiry on their behalf is a sign of a possible interest in my acceptance to their program??

    Can anyone offer some insights? Does the email from them asking me for more information mean little, to nothing regarding acceptance? thanks!!
  11. by   pdxjenn
    I am on the waitlist as well, and I wasn't contacted to send more information, but I would LOVE to send them a personal statement and letters of rec, hmm do you think I should send them anyways?
  12. by   itzsodonnaa
    Hi I got my "to do" list stuff about two weeks after the acceptance packet. So maybe you got it by now?? I saw your other post on the Drexel Ace discussion. When you met with the advisor did he/she explain ..i guess in detail about the whole program. Since the "to-do" list says to meet with an advisor i dont know what to expect or ask.. :/
  13. by   Brbalfour
    Hey.. Are you planning on doing this program? I got in for the spring of 2013 and I'm trying to find people that are going to do it!