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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

  1. by   Kelsea1214
    Thanks Jocy_anne! I'm hoping to get a day within the next 2-3 weeks to get up to Philly to visit the schools. How helpful is the staff at Jefferson? I've had limited contact with them so far. I plan to call tomorrow or Tuesday to set up a campus visit/meeting w/advisor.
    I liked the idea of the FACT program because I would complete a bachelors and masters within 25 months (If I continue immediately into the masters program). Can I ask what drew you towards the AOW vs the FACT?

    I'm so elated that I was accepted to Drexel. If I attend their program, I definitely plan to pursue my MSN.
  2. by   laurn109
    Kelsea, would you mind sharing your GPA? If not it's fine I'm just curious if I even have a chance...
  3. by   Kelsea1214
    Sure. My undergrad GPA is 2.99 (not so great). I had an upward trend in my grades, and did really well my senior year. My undergrad degree is a BS in Dietetics. My GPA in my last 60 credits is somewhere around a 3.5-3.6 I believe. I have all of my sciences done. Just working on the Ethics/Human G & D/Comp Science pre reqs. I also have my CNA license. Haven't used it yet, though. Plan to soon. I mentioned my license # in the application as well as sent a letter of recommendation. Hope that helps!
  4. by   jocy_anne
    I think the staff is pretty helpful. It can be a little difficult to get a hold of someone during those crazy times in the admissions process, but everyone has always been very helpful and nice. You can actually schedule campus tours on their website, but if you wanted to meet with an advisor, you'd have to call them. I think the biggest reason I chose APW over FACT is because I feel I need more time to take everything in. I don't have any background in the medical field, so I don't think I'd feel comfortable studying for only a year. But that's just me. Plus, I might need to try and work part-time during the program, and I know that's pretty much impossible to do in FACT. From what I can tell, the two programs require the same classes and cover the same material...it's just that FACT condenses it into quarters and APW does it in semesters. If you're comfortable with Drexel's ACE program, though, then you'd probably be ok with FACT.
  5. by   mal0126
    Hi everyone. Congrats on your acceptance to everyone that has already received it. I am anxiously awaiting a decision as well. I was just wondering if you guys have been contacted a lot via email? I really haven't at all, and I was emailing back and forth with someone in the admissions office back in Feb and tried emailing him last week but haven't heard back. I hadn't checked my status on the portal in a while but the other day I did and it said they were missing a transcript for transfer credits that I had taken one summer, however I was never notified by email when they had discovered that they needed this. I requested the transcripts and they have since received them. It says that I do not have any outstanding materials, BUT it says that a decision cannot be made because my application is incomplete (but it's frustrating because they haven't contacted me at all). I'm assuming it is because they haven't received my transcripts from the current semester (which will bring my pre-req # to 9), but it would be nice if they said something. I applied SOOO early to the program and I don't want to be penalized for this kind of stuff (such as my application going to the bottom of the pile or something like that). My undergrad GPA is a 3.7 and I'll have 4 more prereqs left after this spring semester ends in 4 days. Sorry for the babbling, just thought I'd vent to others that are going through a similar process. Let me know any advice you may have (people to contact, etc.). Thanks!
  6. by   laurn109
    That's sooo helpful Kelsea thanks! I'm sure having your CNA is a great thing too..

    mal0126 you should get your spam folder in your email...for some reason all my emails from Drexel have been going straight to spam idk why! But if I were you I would call to get it all straightened out they're pretty helpful when you call
  7. by   laurn109
    check** not get lol
  8. by   pdxjenn
    I just herd today that I was wait-listed, kind of a bummer because I still have to play the waiting game. Anyone know how many people they put on the wait-list?
  9. by   mal0126
    laurn109 thanks for the tip... I checked my spam but didn't find anything. I'm definitely going to call in the morning to get it all figured out. Thanks again!
  10. by   Kelsea1214
    Mal0126 I would definitely call. I'll be calling at some point today. I need to get the high school transcript request that is now on my portal site straightened out.

    I didn't receive an email announcing my change in status on my portal, but I did receive an email requesting high school transcripts. That's what led me to check my portal the day i found out I got in
  11. by   amys1029
    Hi everyone!!!

    I also applied for Spring 2013. My application status did change last week saying its currently on hold. Has anyone else been put on hold? I called and was told my application is on hold because they want see my summer I grades before they make a decision, I'm taking Ethics & Developmental Pysch.
  12. by   mal0126
    amys1029...my status doesn't say on hold but I had to call as well because it had said that my application was incomplete (but thankfully it was only a mistake and it is complete). I was just wondering though how they know about the summer classes that you're going to be taking? I have 4 prereqs left (2 in the summer and 2 in the fall), but I haven't sent Drexel anything to let them know, mainly because I didn't know if I was supposed to. Best of luck to you! I'm still playing the waiting game as well haha
  13. by   amys1029
    I already can't wait to be finished the summer classes just so I can know the decision. I never heard of someone being put on hold I wish I knew whether its good or bad :/... and I did send a copy of the prereq classes im taking this summer just so they knew I was registered for them. Are you applying anywhere else? I will also be applying to upenn, jeff, and nyu.

    Best of Luck to You too!!!!!!