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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months ;)... Read More

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    Hi JillyPlot and BZieg-

    How do I get an admissions counselor to speak to? The person I speak to is helpful, but says it's out of her hands and can't really help me. She just says to check the portal to see if they need something else from me, but that just says my file is complete and under review. What number are you calling or is there someone I should ask for?

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    Hi JillyPlot and BZieg-

    Do you know how I reach an admissions counselor? The person I spoke to says they can't do anything except tell me what I can already see on the portal which is that my materials have been received and a decision has not yet been made. They said just to keep checking the portal to see if admissions needs further information from me or have made a decision.

    What number did you call or is there someone in particular I should ask for?
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    ajacks- I simply called the admissions office and they transferred me to my admissions counselor, originally a woman named Fran Engelman. This past Friday when I called I was told my admissions counselor was Evan Williams. He was the one who actually helped me out. Fran did nothing to assist me. She told me the same thing you were told. I don't know why they switched me to Evan last week, but I'm glad they did. I don't know if you could ask to speak to him directly or if he could help if he's not your counselor, but you may be able to ask for him.
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    Hi ajacks- that is what I did as well. I emailed them and they sent my email to the advisor who was the one to respond. Mine is also Evans and he is very helpful hopefully you will have him as well.

    I am trying to get the accelerated 2012-2013 calendar open and it just says loading is anyone else having a problem?
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    Thank you both so much for telling me about Evan. I was speaking to the other girl and nothing. Same story as yours JillyPlot. Evan took the time to actually look at my transcripts and see that even though the portal was telling me I had everything in, there was actually one other thing they needed. If I hadn't have known I'd just be sitting around waiting. Instead I was able to get what I needed into them so hopefully they will have it all by the end of this week. I really hope it all gets there in time for me to still grab a seat! Thanks again!
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    No Prob! Best of luck Ill keep my fingers crossed!
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    Good luck!
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    For those of you that were accepted, did you find out by e-mail notification to check your account for an updated decision? Or did you receive an actual e-mail stating your acceptance? Just curious what to expect. I applied about 2 weeks ago.
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    I received an email stating that an admission decision had been made and is available online.... 2 days after I saw it on the Discover Drexel website. I don't know if that was only because I got accepted on a Friday or if it just takes a few days for the email to get processed.
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    I was accepted for Spring 2013 with 4 pre-requisites to finish up. I just completed micro and Developmental Psych in summer II and am taking Chem and A&P II this Fall. I was accepted a couple weeks before I completed micro and psych so they did accept me (provisionally of course) with 4 to go. Good luck!!

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