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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

  1. by   OneWayStreet
    Am I doing something wrong? Hey guys, I applied and got a letter saying they were waiting for my my summer course grades and would render a decision once they were received. I thought that was a good thing, so I got A's on all my summer courses and submitted my transcripts thinking I would get an acceptance letter shortly. Instead of a decision I got waitlisted. I read some of the threads and called Evan in August and talked to him and was told waitlist is very common since they review them every few weeks, not all at once. He said he would note my account to see if they could make a decision any sooner than the end of September since I wanted to plan out the fall semester. Its the 15th and no change in my status. My grades and GPA are good. It looks like everyone else who called and spoke to him got a decision right away. Any one else in a similar boat? I'm getting kinda tired of waiting, I feel like I'm getting the run around.
  2. by   pdxjenn
    I am in the same boat as you, I have been on the wait list since May and have yet to hear anything. I have emailed Evan a few times and he told me we would hear back by September. And then I emailed him again a few days ago, and he said people on the wait list will have to wait a couple more months.

    I am sick of waiting as well, so I am still applying to other programs and taking classes
  3. by   Dassit82
    I got my acceptance letter August 30th. I just have to send in my transcripts one final time proving that I passed Micro, but other than that, the letter says I'm in. So now I just have to pay the $500 fee to hold my seat. How is there a wait list? I'd keep calling!
  4. by   CCaralain
    To the people who are waitlisted: you're not doing anything wrong.

    I've worked in an university admissions office, so from what I know.... it just seems that you're not the ideal candidate for Drexel.. yet. They've waitlisted you guys because you're not the ideal fit for them. Drexel still has plenty of time to send out admission offers, because the program doesn't start for another 6 months. They're actually still waiting for other people to apply, but if they don't find anymore candidates they want in the upcoming months, they'll start looking at people who are waitlisted.

    It could take months for you to receive a decision, so I hope you have backup schools in mind and have applied to other schools. Good luck!!

    btw, I hope this doesn't offend any of you. I just wanted to give you guys a realistic explanation of the instability and "game" of college admissions. I've worked for the admissions committee before, and that's exactly how the wait list works..
  5. by   lmg32
    Hi all, I wanted to leave a comment because I was accepted to the Spring 2013 cohort as well!! I wish everyone luck who is currently on the waiting list. I have been living in Philadelphia for almost 2 yrs so if anyone has questions regarding the area, I am more than happy to comment! My advice to all those on the waitlist is to be persistent in your efforts and get your science pre-reqs done ASAP so you can have your transcripts in. The more pre-reqs you have completed the better, especially if you do not come from a science background which is what I was told when I was going through the waiting process. I am looking forward to spring and meeting everyone!
  6. by   Dassit82
    I agree. Don't give up. It's still so early, so it's good that you got your application in and out of the way as it is - that should say a lot about a student!
  7. by   OneWayStreet
    I'm not sure what kind of student they are looking for then. My science credits for my undergrad expired so I re-took them along with the remaining courses I did not have. I got an A in every one. All my prereqs are done. In the mean time I have applied to other programs and should know in the next two months. If Drexel had an application deadline, wouldn't that mean they stop accepting applications after that? They don't seem to work like other universities.
  8. by   JillyPlot
    I can't help you figure out what they want, but I applied after the deadline as I was told that is when they begin reviewing applications and have rolling admissions after that, and they obviously do, since I was accepted that way.
  9. by   OneWayStreet
    Pdxjenn- about how long does it take him to respond to emails? I know he probably very busy. I tried to call but had some phone connection issues (line kept going dead) so I'm thinking an email might be a better option.
  10. by   pdxjenn
    from my experience he takes about 6-7 days to email back.
  11. by   RN2Be77
    Hi there. Is there anyone that's been accepted to the spring 2013 class that is planning on or has applied to other schools?
  12. by   RN2Be77
    I received word that I am accepted into Drexel's spring 2013 program! Whoooo hoooo!!
  13. by   Dassit82
    Quote from RN2Be77
    I received word that I am accepted into Drexel's spring 2013 program! Whoooo hoooo!!
    Congrats, RN2Be77! Same here. I've applied to UPenn's program as well. They'll make the decision by February 2013. If I don't get in there, then Drexel it is! Though, I'm still torn between the two. I guess it will ultimately depend on the financial aid package of each school. Did you apply anywhere else?