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Hello All, I've lurked here for many months and LOVE :redbeathe all of the quality advice that is given to every single post... I am hoping there are some fellow students out there that can tell... Read More

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    Thank you for the info.I am putting in dibs now to purchase any of them that I can! LOL

    Do either of you know where you can catch the shuttle to go to the main campus from the Center City campus?

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    Hello All,
    Has anyone received any info regarding orientation yet?
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    Our orientation was at the end of August or beginning of September so I would assume yours will be around the same time.
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    I've just registered for the Aug 9th orientation. Now I'm just waiting for the letter to meet with my adviser to schedule classes. We should get those by the end of the month or early Aug. (hopefully)

    Anyone else going Aug 9th?
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    Considering Drexel's BSN Co-op program for next fall!
    How much grant and scholarship $$ money does the average nursing student recieve??
    How much is Drexel costing you all (living costs, housing, books, etc.) annually???
    Thanks!! This is great information!!
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    I think annually my sister's tuition for drexel is around $10-15k. It varies but it's about that much. She commutes so no housing cost and books depends on what's required for each class. Getting used books help a lot.
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    I'm curious as to what your GPA was for someone who was accepted to Drexel? I am applying there under dual admissions and my GPA at my current school is 3.8, but my overall cumalative is 3.4
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    Oh, to completely answer the tuition question it was $10-15k after her financial aid.

    I believe my sister's gpa was around a 3.2. She had As and Bs on all her science courses. So you're 3.4 should be good to get in.
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    O good! I'm so nervous about not having a high enough GPA to get in anywhere and having to wait a whole year to reapply
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    hi! i just got into the 4 year bsn co-op yesterday
    I wanted to know about this fast track program as well. if anyone has any information at all about the fast track program, I would be very grateful if you can share it with me. I am interested in this program, however I have been able to find almost no information at all for it. PLEASE HELP! :smackingf thanks in advance!

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