Drexel 4 year BSN CO-OP Fall 2010 - page 6

Hello All, I've lurked here for many months and LOVE :redbeathe all of the quality advice that is given to every single post... I am hoping there are some fellow students out there that can tell... Read More

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    I think annually my sister's tuition for drexel is around $10-15k. It varies but it's about that much. She commutes so no housing cost and books depends on what's required for each class. Getting used books help a lot.
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    I'm curious as to what your GPA was for someone who was accepted to Drexel? I am applying there under dual admissions and my GPA at my current school is 3.8, but my overall cumalative is 3.4
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    Oh, to completely answer the tuition question it was $10-15k after her financial aid.

    I believe my sister's gpa was around a 3.2. She had As and Bs on all her science courses. So you're 3.4 should be good to get in.
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    O good! I'm so nervous about not having a high enough GPA to get in anywhere and having to wait a whole year to reapply
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    hi! i just got into the 4 year bsn co-op yesterday
    I wanted to know about this fast track program as well. if anyone has any information at all about the fast track program, I would be very grateful if you can share it with me. I am interested in this program, however I have been able to find almost no information at all for it. PLEASE HELP! :smackingf thanks in advance!

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