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    Did you take the university or Drexel 101 class...(I forgot what it's called) Do you HAVE to take it? I know you said you received your Ipod touch. Did you receive it when you start Nurs 200?
    No I did not take that class. I believe its only for incoming freshman. And yes, you receive your Ipod touch once you are enrolled in Nurs 200.
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    Thank You!
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    hello and congrats on your acceptances to nursing school! i read your post regarding drexel. i am a drexel grad from the 5 year program. i want you to be aware that a four or five year program may be take you a longer time because drexel withholds your degree if you fail to attain a very high score on one standarized test. there are some students from my class who are still trying to graduate from last year. i had a good gpa, great clinical reviews, never repeated a course, and actually never failed a test in my entire hs and college career, but had trouble with the one test. i was not allowed to graduate until i went through three months of remediation (which mostly consisted of self-study) and paid drexel another $3500. these are the things they do not tell you up front. it caused me so much stress i near had a nervous breakdown to think my hard work came down to this single score.the test is hesi and drexel requires a very high score (much higher than the recommended passing rate) i was unaware of this up front. other schools use this test as a remediation tool, but only drexel uses it punitively. (some has to pay for that 99% pass rate). do your homework regarding all of the programs, get your parents involved in the decision because i know many students going through a very stressful time trying to graduate from this program. good luck with your decision and i wish you much luck.
    thank you! i was just relieved that i got accepted to one nursing school! haha

    i've heard many horror stories about drexel students struggling with the hesi and not being able to graduate. i'm sorry that you had so much trouble with the test even though you are an excellent student. $3,500 is a lot of money to pay on top of the very expensive tuition. the hesi isn't enough to turn me off completely, but the fact that drexel is not up front about it is what worries me.

    i have a friend who visited drexel recently. he said that most of the students he came across told him not to go to drexel and that if he was smart he would go somewhere else. needless to say he and his mom were horrified. i'm not really sure why students are so unhappy at drexel, but it can't be the majority...

    drexel nursing is intense, but it is a good program and their nclex passing rates are high. i also like that nursing courses start in the freshman year. i'm going to go visit soon so i can get a feel of the campus.
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    Has anyone received their financial aid info yet? I am referring to your aid package from Drexel...
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    Sounds like you are asking a lot of questions, that's great. Looking back, I was so excited about graduating and senior week I didn't take the time to really look into the programs. Many students get through the program. As far as I can tell from friends who did other programs, Drexel just makes it much more intense and stressful than need be. If you talk to administration it sounds good that they are preparing you for NCLEX, but honestly the high score is unnecessary. Most students walk around with "doom and gloom" worrying about HESI test scores. Hence, your friend saw this first hand - needless stress and anxiety. After the first attempt at HESI about 50% of the students failed so they had to go back after graduation (yes, me included) and retake the test. Imagine your friends
    celebrating and you are still trucking trying to get this arbitrary high score. And, yes, if you fail again (yes, me, and a large enough number that one class was not enough) you are stuck in school in the summer when your friends are getting on with their life. At this point you are panic stricken and can't pass any test let alone HESI! This is when you start to crack, and believe me I was not the only one! There are still students from my group trying to get out! You are a Drexel prisoner at that point. Wow, this sounds pretty comical...but it's not....living it is a nightmare! I will try to answer any questions as honestly as possible. These are things that you won't hear at accepted student day or orientation - it's the "other side" of that 98.5% pass rate they are boasting. Cheers!
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    There will always be pros and cons to every nursing program, I understand that you're trying to give everyone a heads up on the hesi but its kind of discouraging. It feels as if you're trying to push people away from attending drexel eventhough i know that is not your intentions, I know you're jus trying to give everyone a heads up. I am so excited to start the program and after reading your post im like "OMGEE" LOL....My motto is "you do what you have to do to get where you want to be" and my second motto is "success isnt given, it is achieved".....and that is how im going to take on the hesi...you have to study hard and if the way you're studying isnt giving you the score you need to pass the test then you need to change your studying technique. If you cant pass the hesi, chances are you wont pass the NCLEX....which is why drexel has such an outstanding passing rate.....
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    I felt the same way you did when I read that post. Then I calmed down and asked what are some possible reasons one may not pass this test. I honestly, am not going to downplay the high score. It is something to think about. With that said. I do not believe Drexel makes you pass it the first time. I think you have a couple of chances to take it...

    Here's what I found in the 2009-2010 handbook online:

    T. MIDPOINT HESI EXAMINATION After successfully completing both NURS 305: Comprehensive Adult Nursing II and NURS 306: Pharmacology for Nursing II, students are required to pass the mid‐curricular HESI examination with a HESI score of 800 or a conversion score of 77% or higher. Students are offered two opportunities to pass the examination following the finals weeks in the Winter and Summer terms. Required remediation activities are assigned to students who do not achieve a passing score after the first attempt, and the student will be required to take the second attempt within two academic terms following their unsuccessful first attempt. A faculty mentor will be assigned to guide the student's study plan. Students will not be permitted to take any additional nursing courses until the repeat HESI is passed with a score of 800 or 77%. Depending on the co‐op track, the students may continue with co‐op employment, take electives, or other non‐nursing courses while remediation is occurring. Students who do not achieve a passing score on the midpoint examination after the second attempt will be dismissed from the nursing
    program. Academic advisement and support will be provided to assist these students with their future cademic plans.

    This is what I found about the final HESI on the same site:

    PRGRESSION POLICY FOR NURS 492 1. Students who do not successfully complete all required nursing coursework or who do not achieve a passing score of 950/87% with two attempts of the Comprehensive Exit HESI Exam will be given a grade of "U" for NURS 492. Students may take NURS 492 a maximum of three times. Students dismissed from the BSN Co‐op program after 3 failures in NURS 492 are not eligible for readmission.

    Here is the link to read it yourself.... http://www.drexel.edu/cnhp/nursing/CO-OP_Handbook.pdf

    That seems like you have more than one chance to pass it...
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    Exactly...finally you're absolutely right...you have a decent amount of chances to pass the hesi....They have so many different options for people that need extra help. I think it is reasonable it is a very reasonable option...
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    Please do not be discouraged with my very honest posts. Believe me, it is better to know these details up front, I wish I had. It seems like Drexel is doing a better job informing students about this very important policy. Most probably because so many students have pushed back. Reading this policy on paper does not account for the heartache that is involved when your are the one stuck in that position.Everyone who gets accepted to Drexel is an outstanding student and can't possibly dream of not achieving their goal, but it can happen. Even though I am a Drexel alum and want be true to my university, it feel it is only right to let future nurses know how the system really works. And DML, it is not true that if you do not pass HESI at their high rate chances are you will not pass NCLEX. Statistics taken right from HESI data itself state that if you pass HESI by an 850 you have a 96.4% probability of passing NCLEX, but Drexel requires 100 points more, pretty ridiculous. I am enjoing reading your posts...how exciting to be at the beginning of your careers...hopefully someday we will be colleagues!
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    Yesss....I am really excited about my future career....I want to work at HUP sooo bad...thats my ultimate goal....
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    Thanks for all the info guys! I start in the fall as well. Have any of you gotten financial aid award letters yet? I attended the new students day last weekend and it was a waste of time. I'm pretty sure it was me and a bunch of 18 year old freshmen. Does anyone know if the new student days will be worth going to? Thanks!
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    Quote from brooklynn14
    Thanks for all the info guys! I start in the fall as well. Have any of you gotten financial aid award letters yet? I attended the new students day last weekend and it was a waste of time. I'm pretty sure it was me and a bunch of 18 year old freshmen. Does anyone know if the new student days will be worth going to? Thanks!
    I haven't received anything..... I wish it would hurry up and come.... As for the new students days, I am registered to to go in April.. I am so glad you mentioned the freshman thing... I was worried about that. I probably won't go.
    I may wait until the orientation to go....
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    Hey Everyone,

    I submitted my FAFSA in Feb. and was told by the financial aid # you can call, that my aid package was created on Mar. 11. I should have it any day now... With that said, I was able to call and get the details .. (I couldn't wait)

    If you do call, keep in mind nothing is set in stone until you receive that letter from their office...