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  1. Hello All!

    I have recently been accepted into the RN to BSN program at DeSales University. Before applying, I researched AN for info on the program, and found very little, so hopefully this thread will help someone else out.

    A little background on me: I graduated in May '11 from my local community college with an ADN. I work in a small ICU, and obviously I'm going back to get m BSN.

    As for the Desales program, here is what I know:

    None of the nursing courses are completely online. Most are a hybrid, containing both an online and in-class component. Many of them are only 2 or 3 meetings per course, however some are weekly.

    General ed courses can be taken in either format, however they have limited class space for completely online programs (So register early!).

    For RN to BSN, the sessions are 8 weeks long, year round. As it was explained to me, you are free to take semesters off up to a total amount equaling one year if you so choose, however, nursing classes are each offered one time each year and must be taken sequentially, starting in August. So, if you miss a semester, you wait until the same time next year for the class.

    You need to take at least 10 courses at DeSales to receive their degree. For me, after reviewing my transcripts, I needed 11. I took a P-Chem course at my community college that I didn't need at the time, but it transferred to DeSales (Taking it at the CC saved a BUNCH of money. Hint.). Most community college grads will need 12 or more courses to meet DeSales requirements.

    All of the people I encountered during the admission process were fantastic. Everyone is helpful, the campus is beautiful, and the nursing faculty seem to truly enjoy what they do.

    Good luck to anyone trying to continue on, I hope you find this helpful in your search for the right school!
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