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DeSales Accelerated BSN '13-14

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    I received an email from DeSales this morning and they offered me the chance to interview for the 2013 cohort. My interview is scheduled for the end of this month. Can anyone who went through the process shed some light on the interview and what types of questions they were asked? I want to be as well prepared for the interview as possible.

    Thank you in advance,
    Jack B
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    Hi Jack,

    I also have an interview this Friday but I do not know what to expect. I've tried looking on past forums but came up with nothing. Good luck to you!
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    Yeah I don't know what to expect either. No one is willing to give up any information. My interview is on Saturday. Thanks, good luck to you as well.
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    Hm, I've yet to hear back from DeSales, although I did probably submit my application later.
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    It took about three or four weeks from the time I submitted my application to hear back from them. Hopefully you'll hear back soon. I know they still have interview dates running till the end of November.
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    I recieved a letter from DeSales saying that I am accepted into the program =). Has anyone else heard back/decided to attend?
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    Hm. I see that they cashed my check, finally, but haven't heard anything from them yet.
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    What was the interview like?
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    Thank you. The interview was not bad. They asked the usual generic questions about why you want to be a nurse, why their program, and a few questions about myself. My interview lasted about an hour. My advice would be to prepare some questions and answers before your interview, as I did. I found that I was more prepared for what was to come, even though I did not know specifically what they were going to ask me. Good luck!
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    My pleasure- I have been doing just that. Thank you. With any luck I will be seeing you next year
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    I got the call today -- have a Skype interview with them on 12/4!
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    Nice! Good luck on the interview
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    Great, all the best.